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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does Zentyal release new versions and what is the support policy?

Just check our Release Policy

What username and password should I use to log into Zentyal?

Any system account belonging to the sudo group is allowed to log into Zentyal web interface. If you installed using the Zentyal installer, the user and password you were asked during the first stage of the installation will work. If you need to add an other user to the sudo group, just execute sudo adduser username sudo.

Is Zentyal Server FOSS?

There are different versions, the Zentyal Community Version is free software (both meanings), you can check it out on GitHub.

Can I boot and install Zentyal from an USB memory?

Yes, first of all, download the ISO image and then follow this simple tutorial

I got a security warning the first time I tried to access the web interface of Zentyal, should I worry?

It's completely normal, since Zentyal is configured to use an https port, and there is no Certification Authority validating the certificate (it's self signed). You can learn more about securing sevices, certificates and how to produce a valid one following the CA documentation

Can I change Zentyal's web interface language?

Yes, from the System -> General menu, but you will need to install the appropriate language pack first, for example, to install Spanish support, I will type down in the CLI sudo apt-get install language-pack-zentyal-es, and then select Spanish in the interface.

I want to learn more about Zentyal, which options do I have?

First of all, there are quite a few of resources (how-to's, videotutorials, use case examples) produced by Zentyal's community in the forums, youtube, and several personal pages. If you want to have the complete official documentation, you can check out the Zentyal For Network Administrators Book And finally, if you would like to have an online tutor and more formal learning through marked exercises, you can purchase one of the online courses provided by Zentyal S.L.

Can I block HTTPS pages using Zentyal's proxy?

Yes, you can block https pages with Zentyal's proxy, if your users are accessing the web through a non-transparent proxy. Check the details in the Official Documentation

If your users are accessing Internet through transparent proxy, it is not possible to block https pages in the proxy service. This is because https pages use SSL communication between the server and the user browsing the website, providing identification and encryption between them. Transparent redirection of https would break the trust chain between the server and the user as the content filtering agent needs to read the communication between both parties. If you need to block https pages and don't want to use a non-transparent proxy, you can still do it at connection level using the Firewall module by blocking the ranges of IP addresses of the pages you want to block access. For more information, please check the Official Documentation.

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