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Change log from Zentyal 3.4 to Zentyal 3.5


  • Disabled Ubuntu freshclam daemon
  • Added clamd socket actions to freshclam apparmor profile


  • Use 2048 RSA key lengths to increase security
  • Fixed glitch on reloading page after creating CA
  • Fixed CGI error on page reloads
  • Allow wildcard certificate in service certificates
  • Better CN for CA certificate
  • Use different openssl output files to avoid any overlap


  • Fix error when using __x function from Gettext
  • EBox::Netwrapper::iface_by_address not longer assummes that interfaces could not share IP addresses
  • Added exception for component not exists
  • DataInUse exception is external to avoid logging of expected UI behaviors
  • Added support for Hebrew translations
  • Added EBox::Exceptions::WrongHTTPReferer


  • Remove duplicated code in EBox::Model::DataTable::removeRow and EBox::Model::Manager::removeRowsUsingId
  • Rethrow properly when exception is a plain string
  • Fix EBox::Model::Manager::_modelHasMultipleInstances when the model is a children whose model parent is its grandfather or older
  • Fixed notifyActions by using isIdUsed method and removing slashes to fetch the observable models
  • Fixed spurious warnings when loadings ads and loading dashboard
  • Assure that all data under a row directory is removed
  • EBox::Types::DomainName always return lowercase values
  • EBox::Types::Host always return lowercase values
  • Added helper script to improve crash reports
  • Old timezones supported
  • Fixed regression on presetUpdate interface actions
  • Error page for component not found
  • Included the Dependencies field in crash report
  • Do not mark services as temporary stopped when shutting down
  • Enhanced Lock to have exclusive lock with blocking timeout
  • Added redirection on no parameters support to CGIs
  • Added and used in save changes process the method Zentyal.reloadTable
  • Fixed regression in page not found CGI which displayed always a invalid referer error
  • Included the package field in crash report
  • Remove RSS and Jabber dispatchers
  • Added Warning in Dashboard when reboot is requierd by software update
  • Removed deprecated sliced mode backup
  • Fix MIME type for returning JSON (application/json)
  • Added setMessage() and popMessageAndClass() methods to TreeView
  • Enable InnoDB engine when there are only 4 previous databases
  • Active session check does not check subapp authenticated requests now
  • Fixed incorrect URLs with double ports in redirects
  • Fix typo in general widget
  • Updated nginx to server static files directly always so apache shouldn't ever get this kind of requests
  • Support for redirection when loading URL in existent dialog
  • Added webadmin port tag to haproxy configuration file
  • Fix dashboard UI freeze when widgets were being updated
  • Add audit to post save when enabling logs
  • Fix enabled save changes button after installing packages
  • Changed CGI base to show correctly referer errors and generating response errors
  • Override daemons does not fail if a daemon is already stopped
  • Added missing use to row.mas
  • More tolerant referer validation so we can access to submodels with an URL
  • Restored reconnect option for mysql connections
  • EBox::WebAdmin::addNginxServer does not longer raises exception if file not yet exists
  • create-db script can repair login problems
  • Migrate previous configuration from 3.3 when upgrading
  • Admin password change handled by AuthPAM
  • Fix version available check in dashboard when file does not exist
  • Do not show success note if there is no note
  • Fix data in use behaviour on edition
  • Fixed revert of changes in redisvi
  • Better input validation in EBox::Conf::Redis::import_dir_from_file
  • Give support to data in use exception for in-place booleans
  • Fix warnOnChangeId framework
  • Give real no support to /media in Disk Usage even when modules use it
  • Added release upgrade code (disabled until 3.5)
  • Hide passwords on admin user model on error and debug on
  • Set proper version for bugreport issues


  • Notify when we are using a Domain in Dynamic DNS when it is about to be removed
  • Make Zentyal NTP server default choice for ntp server in dhcp


  • EBox::DNS::Types::Hostname always return lowercase values
  • Adapted to OpenLDAP removal


  • Remove support for sliced backup


  • Remove bad usage of Error package
  • Use a blocking lock to get iptables resource on restart and stop to avoid other modules to get it
  • beforeFwRestart don't called on stopped or unconfigured modules
  • Added beforeFwRestart method to firewall helper
  • Fixed crash when editing view in Summarized Report
  • Added EBox::Iptables::executeModuleRules to be able to execute rules from a given module calling this new method


  • Removed wrong translatable string in crm_resource command
  • Added integration with firewall
  • ClusterStatus creation issued at model constructor
  • Fixed wrong calls to ClusterStatus constructor


  • Do not crash adding ranges when public IP address is not yet set
  • Corrected upstart stub for l2tp as $tunnel->{name} already contained zentyal-xl2tp. (credits to Icaro Ribeiro)
  • Better management of L2TP daemons
  • Added validation for IPs in L2TP configuration
  • Fixed firewall rules for L2TP connections which more than one client
  • Adapted to OpenLDAP removal


  • Added noMultipleOUSupportComponent support
  • Adapted to OpenLDAP removal
  • Fixed jabber-ldap script


  • Adapt alias management to constraints by mailboxRelatedObject
  • Changed amavis submision service to avoid rewriting rules
  • Reorganized mail configuration
  • Don't try to check openchange accounts on removing system users
  • Fixed bug triggered when adding external aliases
  • Adapted to OpenLDAP removal
  • Postfix handles Zentyal distribution groups virtual alias
  • Adapted MailQueue.pm to TryCatch::Lite
  • Restart usercorner on installation / upgrade time so the new code is available there too
  • Fixed external mail retrieval configuration form from user corner
  • Fixed some errors on user mail account edition
  • Better integration between mail addon and mail field
  • Avoid error when trying to show a no longer existent mail in queue
  • Fixed bug in LDAP synchronization of mail virtual domains
  • Removed free access to dovecot from localhost, now we have a master password
  • Avoid unsaved changes after running initialSetup
  • Setup mail account on enable for users that already have mail attribute


  • Fixed running status of module components
  • Adapted to Samba4 instead of OpenLDAP


  • Change version of the perl lib used with collectd
  • Show disk usage again including reserved space after changing to collectd 5.1


  • Changed ifup coditions on first time save
  • Changed validation of setDHCPAddress, setRealPPPIface and DHCPCleanUp to allow pseudoterminal interfaces, this is needed for l2tp
  • Allow network proxy which is listening on localhost
  • Fixed error which skipped the execution of _preSetConf
  • Added No-IP to DynDNS
  • Fix get router MAC after latest changes in Net::ARP library
  • Updated DynDNS server in ddclient configuration
  • Fixed wrong call when cleaning up a bundled interface


  • Workaround in members table agains lost of directory parameter/attribute
  • Improved network object members management


  • Zentyal users removed from "only contacts" addressbook at sogo webUI
  • Make SOGo shared contacts display their CN
  • Updated SOGo conf
  • Added autodiscovery of server parameters
  • Proxying all Exchange Web Services to OCSManager
  • Fixed wrong references to nginx error pages on ocsmanager conf
  • Depend on zentyal-users instead of zentyal-samba
  • Update sogo.conf to use Samba LDAP
  • Extracted vdomain selection for outgoing mail to a new configuration model named Configuration
  • Added noMultipleOUSupportComponent support
  • Allow openchange working with old ldb/tdb backends (upgrade from 3.3)
  • Allow ActiveSync setup if z-push or sogo-activesync are installed
  • Remove Migration menu
  • Generate master password for IMAP access


  • Show nicer error when uploading invalid certificates to client configuration


  • Adapted to OpenLDAP removal
  • Use IP address on CUPS admin URL to avoid bad request errors


  • Save HAProxy module when adding/removing CA for SSL validation
  • Allow subscription when firewall has been enabled a second time but changes has not been saved
  • Give support to set monitoring servers on rs_monitoring_servers conf key
  • Set up QA repository only to commercial versions
  • Clarified doc about qa_updates_always_automatic confkey
  • Fixed JS regressions on subscribe action
  • Disable QA updates until next commercial edition
  • EBox::RemoteServices::Subscription::Check::check recovers for any error raised on users checking
  • DisasterRecoveryDomains can notify other models
  • Fix remove conf backup after PSGI migration
  • Fix overwrite action on remote conf backup


  • Setup roaming profiles for each user only when the setting changes in the UI
  • Remove duplicate entries from the custom shell list
  • Hide krbtgt user in external AD mode
  • EBox::Samba::DNS::Zone always return lowercase zone name
  • Fix members of 'Domain Admins' group not able to delete items from recycle bin
  • Grant rwx rights to Domain guest and Everybody on guest shares
  • Added new domainControllers() method
  • Override daemons when migrating from previous versions
  • Remove the use of method canonicalName for greater performance, use object DNs instead the end of the work loop
  • Show Administrator account in the UI so it can be handled from Zentyal
  • Merge zentyal-users and zentyal-samba in a single package
  • Added EBox::Samba::User::hasValue to check if a certain value is present
  • Do not duplicate cloud ops when REST call fails
  • Use samba instead of slapd * heimdal
  • Create a container CN=Groups when provisioning as DC
  • Set gidNumber for new users to Domain Users to have NSS * PAM working
  • Set gidNumber based on RID for new groups
  • Set gidNumber to Domain Users and Domain Admin for NSS * PAM
  • Change default group container to cn=Users as Windows does
  • Include PAM * NSS services with SSSd to authenticate LDB users in the system
  • New EBox::Module::LDAP replacing EBox::LdapModule and using EBox::Module::Service as base class, schemas are now loaded in _regenConfig instead of manually in enableActions
  • Display message when creating a user which username has more than 20 characters
  • Fixed error when editing user email address when mail module is not installed
  • Fix domain controllers shown on the computers OU in Manage model
  • Using paged serch in EBox::Samba::users() method
  • Added EBox::LDAPBase::pagedSearch method
  • Added support for addon components when user is in a non-standard OU
  • Better control for edit user quota
  • Sent zentyal-usercorner trigger on install / upgrade to restart it if it's installed
  • Avoid apparmor errors in trusty
  • Fixed bug when altering mail address through the edit user form
  • Better integration between mail addon and mail field
  • Remove method canonicalName and use object DNs for greater performance
  • Migrate previous configuration from 3.3 when upgrading


  • Implement replicationExcludeKeys() to avoid webadmin service replication


  • Ignore transitional packages also in advanced view
  • Added packages involved in a restart requirement after upgrade in the event


  • Added support to https access


  • Fixed generated rules for blanket domain deny
  • Adapted to samba4 instead of OpenLDAP
  • Speed up external AD connection using persistence
  • Allow dansguardian user to read categories lists files


  • Fixed checking for other u32 rule in the same interface
  • Fixed bug that made impossible to add rules


  • Webmail depends on Zentyal Mail module


  • Force haproxy restart if service status changes
  • Set HTTPS env variable to 'On' always for SSL vhosts
  • Removed the ssl mod check for ssl vhosts given that we don't use that module at all
  • Migrate previous configuration from 3.3 when upgrading
  • When creating domains take into account SLD

Removed packages

  • l7-protocols
  • ftp
  • zarafa
  • usercorner
  • captiveportal
  • bwmonitor
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