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Change log from Zentyal 2.2 to Zentyal 3.0


* Antivirus is now under Office instead of UTM * Adapted to new Model management framework * Removed unused report code * Use freshclam log file to find update events * More robust signature count * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* Disable form autocompletion in Provider username and password * Fixed authentication using AstMD5secret attribute * Fixed LDAP connection to use the proper port * Adapted to new Model management framework * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Service name is now translatable * Adapted to new users implementation * Added init.d type to _daemons * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed problems with interactions of users and groups queues


* Move report code to remoteservices * Better integration with captive portal; cannot disable interfaces used by it * BWUsage recover for invalid IPs (or IPv6 addresses) * Adapted to new Model management framework * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Fixed retrieval of IP addressess in SQL queries * Using tableBody.mas instead of tableBodyWithoutActions.mas in BWUsage.pm * Fix bug in report when there is no data to report * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Do not show invalid edit action in BWUsage model * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Usage table allows broadcast traffic and fixes regression in 2.2.3 * Usage table allows no-host IP addresses * Add logrotate file * Fixed bandwidth quota measure for some cases * Use BIGINT in SQL table to avoid overflow errors * Better control of generated upstart and configuration files


* Change default organization for the certificates to Zentyal S.L. * Remove useless report code * Fixed CRL generation when the link to the latest CRL is broken * Adapted to new Model management framework * Fixed quoting in generate p12 command * Fixed executable permissions in src/scripts * Fixed variable interpolation in internal exception text * Bugfix: do not try to get orgName in destroyCA after files are removed * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed typo bug in method destroyCA * Do not cache CA certificates values on module creation to play along well with usercorner * Default CN for certificates is now translatable


* Added service and objects exceptions * Improved style of login page * Display type of exception in table view * Blocking captive daemon watcher to avoid cpu consumption * More robust code against errors when getting watcher class * Improved extend quota icons and some texts * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Fixed firewall locking problems * Enable interfaces in bandwith monitor module when needed * Avoided LDAP errors with user quotas, user quota addon takes into account whether bandwidth limit is enabled or disabled * Adapted to new Model management framework * Updated code for new users module * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed non-translatable string in popup window * Fixed logrotate configuration * Updated 'created by' footer


* Some minor improvements in EBox::Gettext and proper set of LANG variables * Add uid function to return the uid of the zentyal user * Added EBox::FileSystem::unusedFileName() to find free file names * Added new EBox::trace() method to easily log stack traces when debugging * Added method EBox::FileSystem::isDirEmpty * Better logging of sudo commands in debug including process name and PID * Better exclusion of non-device filesystems in EBox::FileSystem::partitionsFileSystems * External commands called through EBox::Sudo are logged in debug mode * Added new EBox::Config::shm() to get Zentyal shared memory dir * Added additional() and TO_JSON() to EBox::Event * Allow underscores in domain names * Temporary download files are now stored in tmp directory * EBox::FileSystem ignore all fuse daemon filesystem (type begins with 'fuse.') * New EBox::Config::boolean() to avoid string comparisons all over the code to check if the key is set to 'yes' or 'no' * Add conflicts with sudo-ldap on debian/control. * EBox::FileSystem::partitionsFileSystems ignores more pseudo file systems. File systems without mount point are always ignored. * Workaround to silence some permission denied errors caused by loading the GD library after the user has changed to ebox * Cache list of ifaces to improve performance * Delete useless EBox::Config::package() method * Add duration attribute to EBox::Event * Ignore by default bind filesystems in EBox::FileSystem method * Bugfix: MAC validation now forbids parts with only one character * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Ignore last dot if exists when validating domain names * Do not log debug messages unless debug = yes is set in zentyal.conf * New hideExternalLinks method added to EBox::Config


* New look & feel for the web interface * Fixed some compatibility issues with Internet Explorer 9 * Show warning with Internet Explorer 8 or older * Multi-admin management for commercial editions * First and last move row buttons are now disabled instead of hidden * Fixed i18n problem in some cases where environment variables were different than the selected locale on Zentyal UI, now LANG and LC_MESSAGES are explicitly passed to mod_perl * Added template attribute to MultiStateAction to provide any kind of HTML to display an action * Changed icon, name and link for Zentyal Remote * Improved dashboard buttons colors * Do not cache undef values in EBox::Config::Redis::get() * Code fix on subscription retrieval for Updates event * Update validate referer to new Remote Services module API * Do not try to read slides if software module is not installed * Fixed wrong call in Events::isEnabledDispatcher() * Updated 'created by' footer * Change the default domain name from 'zentyal.lan' to 'zentyal-domain.lan' * Changes in first enable to avoid letting modules unsaved * Type File now accepts spaces in the file name * Added setTimezone method to MyDBEngine * Enable consolidation after reviewing and pruning * Code typo fix in Events::isEnabledWatcher * Remove all report code from core * Move SysInfo report related to remoteservices module * Fixed regression which removed scroll bars from popups * New carousel transition for the installation slides * Added option to not show final notes in progress bar * EBox::Model::Component::modelGetter does not die when trying to get a model for an uninstalled module * Added previous/next buttons to manually switch installation slides * New installation slides format * Changed first installation workflow and wizard infraestructure * Improved firewall icons * Set hover style for configure rules button in firewall * Progress indicator no longer calls showAds if it is undefined * Send cache headers on static files to improve browsing speed * Added foreignNoSyncRows and foreignFilter options to EBox::Types::Select * Improved settings icon * Fixed modalboxes style * Improve host domain validation. Single label domains are not allowed. * Fixes on notifyActions * Check for isDaemonRunning now compatible with asterisk status * Fixed warning call in EBox::Types::HasMany * Adjust slides transition timeout during installation * Audit changes table in save changes popup has scroll and better style * Model messages are printed below model title * noDataMsg now allows to add elements if it makes sense * Fixed ajax/form.mas to avoid phantom change button * EBox::Model::Manager::_setupModelDepends uses full paths so the dependecies can discriminate between models with the same name * Default row addition in DataForm does not fires validateTypedRow * Code typo fix in change administration port model * Set only Remote as option to export/import configuration to a remote site * Return undef in HasMany type when a model is not longer available due to being uninstalled * Added onclick atribute to the link.mas template * Fix exception raising when no event component is found * table_ordered.js : more robust trClick event method * Changed dashboard JS which sometimes halted widget updates * Added popup dialogs for import/export configuration * Changes in styles and sizes of the save/revoke dialog * Removed redudant code in ConfigureWatchers::syncRows which made module to have an incorrect modified state * Dont show in bug report removed packages with configuration held as broken packages * DataTable::size() now calls to syncRows() * EBox::Module::Config::set_list quivalent now has the same behaviour than EBox::Module::Config::set * Manually set up models for events to take into account the dynamic models from the log watcher filtering models * Fixed warnings when deleting a row which is referenced in other model * Disable HTML form autocompletion in admin password change model * Fixed incorrect non-editable warnings in change date and time model * Fixed parsing value bug in EBox::Types::Date and EBox::Types::Time * Reworked mdstat parsing, added failure_spare status * Configuration backup implicitly preserves ownership of files * Changes in styles and sizes of the save/revoke dialog * New data form row is copied from default row, avoiding letting hidden fields without its default value and causing missing fields errors * Always fill abstract type with its default value, this avoids errors with hidden fields with default value * Different page to show errors when there are broken software packages * InverseMatchSelect and InverseMatchUnion use 'not' instead of '!' to denote inverse match. This string is configurable with a type argument * Fixed types EBox::Type::InverseMatchSelect and InverseMatchUnion * Fixed bug in DataTable::setTypedRow() which produced an incorrect 'id' row element in DataTable::updateRowNotify() * In tableBody.mas template: decomposed table topToolbar section in methods * Fixed bug in discard changes dialog * Confirmation dialogs now use styled modalboxes * Do not reload page after save changes dialog if operation is successful * Maintenance menu is now kept open when visiting the logs index page * Manual clone of row in DataTable::setTypedRow to avoid segfault * Avoid undef warnings in EBox::Model::DataTable::_find when the element value is undef * Fixed kill of ebox processes during postrm * Set MySQL root password in create-db script and added mysql script to /usr/share/zentyal for easy access to the zentyal database * Increased timeout redirecting to wizards on installation to 5 seconds to avoid problems on some slow or loaded machines * Save changes dialog do not appear if there are no changes * Delete no longer needed duplicated code * Do not go to save changes after a regular package installation they are saved only in the first install * Progress bar in installation refactored * Do not use modal box for save changes during installation * Hidden fields in DataTables are no longer considered compulsory * Select type has now its own viewer that allows use of filter function * User is now enabled together with the rest of modules on first install * Fix 'oldRow' parameter in UpdatedRowNotify * Use Clone::Fast instead of Clone * Modal dialog for the save and discard changes operations * Use a different lock file for the usercorner redis * Improved look of tables when checkAll controls are present * Better icons for clone action * Added confirmation dialog feature to models; added confirmation dialog to change hostname model * Dynamic default values are now properly updated when adding a row * Kill processes owned by the ebox user before trying to delete it * Do not use sudo to call status command at EBox::Service::running * Fixed regression setting default CSS class in notes * Added missing call to updateRowNotify in DataForms * Fixed silent error in EBox::Types::File templates for non-readable by ebox files * Use pkill instead of killall in postinst * Use unset instead of delete_dir when removing rows * Do not set order list for DataForms * Only try to clean tmp dir on global system start * Error message for failure in package cache creation * Fixed regression when showing a data table in a modal view * Do not do a redis transaction for network module init actions * Fixed EBox::Module::Config::st_unset() * Allowed error class in msg template * Fixed problems in EventDaemon with JSON and blessed references * More crashes avoided when watchers or dispatchers doesn't exist * Proper RAID watcher reimplementation using the new state API * EBox::Config::Redis singleton has now a instance() method instead of new() * Deleted wrong use in ForcePurge model * Fixed problem with watchers and dispatchers after a module deletion * Fixed EBox::Model::DataTable::_checkFieldIsUnique, it failed when the printableValue of the element was different to its value * Fixed separation between Add table link and table body * Adaptation of EventDaemon to model and field changes * Disabled logs consolidation on purge until it is reworked, fixed missing use in purge logs model * Fixed Componet::parentRow, it not longer tries to get a row with undefined id * Fix typo in ConfigureLogs model * Mark files for removing before deleting the row from backend in removeRow * The Includes directives are set just for the main virtual host * Fixed EventDaemon crash * Mark files for removing before deleting the row from backend in removeRow * Dashboard widgets now always read the information from RO * Enable actions are now executed before enableService() * Fixed regression which prevented update of the administration service port when it was changed in the interface * New EBox::Model::Composite::componentNames() for dynamic composites * Remove _exposedMethods() feature to reduce use of AUTOLOAD * Removed any message set in the model in syncRows method * Added global() method to modules and components to get a coherent read-write or read-only instance depending on the context * Removed Model::Report and Composite::Report namespaces to simplify model management and specification * New redis key naming, with $mod/conf/*, $mod/state and $mod/ro/* replacing /ebox/modules/$mod/*, /ebox/state/$mod/* and /ebox-ro/modules/$mod/* * Removed unnecessary parentComposite methods in EBox::Model::Component * Only mark modules as changed when data has really changed * EBox::Global::modChange() throws exception if instance is readonly * New get_state() and set_state() methods, st_* methods are kept for backwards compatibility, but they are deprecated * Simplified events module internals with Watcher and Dispatcher providers * Model Manager is now able to properly manage read-only instances * Composites can now use parentModule() like Models * Renamed old EBox::GConfModule to EBox::Module::Config * Unified model and composite management in the new EBox::Model::Manager * Model and composites are loaded on demand to reduce memory consumption * Model and composite information is now stored in .yaml schemas * ModelProvider and CompositeProvider are no longer necessary * Simplified DataForm using more code from DataTable * Adapted RAID and restrictedResources() to the new JSON objects in redis * Remove unused override modifications code * Added /usr/share/zentyal/redis-cli wrapper for low-level debugging * Use simpler "key: value" format for dumps instead of YAML * Row id prefixes are now better chosen to avoid confusion * Use JSON instead of list and hash redis types (some operations, specially on lists, are up to 50% faster and caching is much simpler) * Store rows as hashes instead of separated keys * Remove deprecated all_dirs and all_entries methods * Remove obsolete EBox::Order package * Remove no longer needed redis directory tree sets * Fixed isEqualTo() method on EBox::Types::Time * EBox::Types::Abstract now provides default implementations of fields(), _storeInGConf() and _restoreFromHash() using the new _attrs() method * Remove indexes on DataTables to reduce complexity, no longer needed * Simplified ProgressIndicator implementation using shared memory * New EBox::Util::SHMLock package * Implemented transactions for redis operations * Replace old MVC cache system with a new low-level redis one * Delete no longer necessary regen-redis-db tool * Added new checkAll property to DataTable description to allow multiple check/uncheck of boolean columns * Added Desktop::ServiceProvider to allow modules to implement requests from Zentyal desktop * Added VirtualHost to manage desktop requests to Zentyal server * Fix EventDaemon in the transition to MySQL * Send EventDaemon errors to new rotated log file /var/log/zentyal/events.err * Send an event to Zentyal Cloud when the updates are up-to-date * Send an info event when modules come back to running * Include additional info for current event watchers * Fixed RAID report for some cases of spare devices and bitmaps * Fixed log purge, SQL call must be a statement not a query * Fixed regex syntax in user log queries * Added missing "use Filesys::Df" to SysInfo * Disabled consolidation by default until is fixed or reimplemented * Fixed regresion in full log page for events * Added clone action to data tables * Fixed regression in modal popup when showing element table * Added new type EBox::Types::KrbRealm * Fix broken packages when dist-upgrading from old versions: stop ebox owned processes before changing home directory * Log the start and finish of start/stop modules actions * Added usesPort() method to apache module * Enable SSLInsecureRenegotiation to avoid master -> slave SOAP handsake problems * Added validateRowRemoval method to EBox::Model::DataTable * Use rm -rf instead of remove_tree to avoid chdir permission problems * Avoid problems restarting apache when .pid file does not exist * Do not use graceful on apache to allow proper change of listen port * Simplified apache restart mechanism and avoid some problems * Create tables using MyISAM engine by default * Delete obsolete 'admin' table * Fixed printableName for apache module and remove entry in status widget * Merged tableBodyWithoutActions.mas into tableBody.mas * Removed tableBodyWithoutEdit.mas because it is no longer used * Better form validation message when there are no ids for foreign rows in select control with add new popup * Fixed branding of RSS channel items * Fixed destination path when copying zentyal.cnf to /etc/mysql/conf.d * Switch from CGIs to models in System -> General * New value() and setValue() methods in DataForm::setValue() for cleaner code avoiding use of AUTOLOAD * Added new EBox::Types::Time, EBox::Types::Date and EBox::Types::TimeZone * Added new attribute 'enabled' to the Action and MultiStateAction types to allow disabling an action. Accepts a scalar or a CODE ref * The 'defaultValue' parameter of the types now accept a CODE ref that returns the default value. * Added force parameter in validateTypedRow * Fixed 'hidden' on types when using method references * Removed some console problematic characters from Util::Random::generate * Added methods to manage apache CA certificates * Use IO::Socket::SSL for SOAPClient connections * Removed apache rewrite from old slaves implementation * Do not show RSS image if custom_prefix defined * Avoid 'negative radius' error in DiskUsage chart * Fixed call to partitionFileSystems in EBox::SysInfo::logReportInfo * Log audit does not ignore fields which their values could be interpreted as boolean false * Avoid ebox.cgi failure when showing certain strings in the error template * Do not calculate md5 digests if override_user_modification is enabled * Clean /var/lib/zentyal/tmp on boot * Stop apache gracefully and delete unused code in Apache.pm * Cache contents of module.yaml files in Global * The editable attribute of the types now accept a reference to a function to dinamically enable or disable the field. * In progress bar CGIs AJAX call checks the availability of the next page before loading it * Replaced community logo * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * Changed cookie name to remove forbidden characters to avoid incompatibilities with some applications * Added methods to enable/disable restart triggers * Fixed redis unix socket permissions problem with usercorner * Get row ids without safe characters checking * Added EBox::Util::Random as random string generator * Set log level to debug when cannot compute md5 for a nonexistent file * Filtering in tables is now case insensitive * ProgressIndicator no longer leaves zombie processes in the system * Implemented mysqldump for logs database * Remove zentyal-events cron script which should not be longer necessary * Bugfix: set executable permissions to cron scripts and example hooks * Added a global method to retrieve installed server edition * Log also duration and compMessage to events.log * Fixed JS client side table sorting issue due to Prototype library upgrade * Disable InnoDB by default to reduce memory consumption of MySQL if there are no other databases on the server * Now events are logged in a new file (events.log) in a more human-readable format * Added legend to DataTables with custom actions * Changed JS to allow the restore of the action cell when a delete action fails * Set milestone to 3.0 when creating bug reports in the trac * Avoid temporal modelInstance errors when adding or removing modules with LogWatchers or LogDispatcher * Unallow administration port change when the port is in use * Do not launch a passwordless redis instance during first install * New 'types' field in LogObserver and storers/acquirers to store special types like IPs or MACs in an space-efficient way * Use MySQL for the logs database instead of PostgreSQL * Bugfix: logs database is now properly recreated after purge & install * Avoid use of AUTOLOAD to execute redis commands, improves performance * Use UNIX socket to connect to redis for better performance and update default redis 2.2 settings * Use "sudo" group instead of "admin" one for the UI access control * Added EBox::Module::Base::version() to get package version * Fixed problem in consalidation report when accumulating results from queries having a "group by table.field" * Added missing US and Etc zones in timezone selector * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Refuse to restore configuration backup from version lesser than 2.1 unless forced * Do not retrieve format.js in every graph to improve performance * The purge-module scripts are always managed as root user * New grep-redis tool to search for patterns in redis keys or values * Use partitionFileSystems method from EBox::FileSystem * New internal 'call' command in Zentyal shell to 'auto-use' the module * Zentyal shell now can execute commandline arguments * Bugfix: EBox::Types::IPAddr::isEqualTo allows to change netmask now * Removed some undefined concatenation and compare warnings in error.log * Ignore check operation in RAID event watcher * Skip IP addresses ending in .0 in EBox::Types::IPRange::addresses() * Do not store in redis trailing dots in Host and DomainName types * Added internal command to instance models and other improvements in shell * Now the whole /etc/zentyal directory is backed up and a copy of the previous contents is stored at /var/backups before restoring * Removing a module with a LogWatcher no longer breaks the LogWatcher Configuration page anymore * Fixed error in change-hostname script it does not longer match substrings * Bugfix: Show breadcrumbs even from models which live in a composite * HTTPLink now returns empty string if no HTTPUrlView is defined in DataTable class * Added mising use sentence in EBox::Event::Watcher::Base * Bugfix: Avoid url rewrite to ebox.cgi when requesting to /slave * Fixed logrotate configuration * More resilient way to handle with missing indexes in _find * Added more informative text when mispelling methods whose prefix is an AUTOLOAD action * A more resilient solution to load events components in EventDaemon * Added one and two years to the purge logs periods * Fixed downloads from EBox::Type::File * Revert cookie name change to avoid session loss in upgrades * Do not try to change owner before user ebox is created * Removed obsolete references to /zentyal URL * Create configuration backup directories on install to avoid warnings accessing the samba share when there are no backups * Log result of save changes, either successful or with warnings * Changed cookie name to remove forbidden characters to avoid incompatibilities with some applications * Removed duplicated and incorrect auding logging for password change * Fixed some non-translatable strings


* Keys shared with bind are now stored under /etc/dhcp/ddns-keys * Fixed problem in Options model which DNS domain syncRow call * Fixed problems in DynamicDNS models * Add dhcpd to the bind group if DynamicDNS is enabled * Use isc-dhcp-server upstart script * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Adapted reverse zones to reverse ip fix in Net::IP * Added missing dynamicDNSDomains() method * Removed deprecated calls to EBox::Model::Manager::model with wildcards * Remove old workarounds in viewCustomizers no longer necessary with foreign in yaml schema * Use a regular model instead of a select composite which is going to be deprecated * Adapted to new Model management framework * Use new services API * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Recover from excepcion when parsing leases file * Modifications in the Thin Client options to allow an easy configuration of Zentyal LTSP * Service descriptions are now translatable and added printableNames * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Use apparmor local profile instead of overwritting the shipped one * Replace dhcp3-server with new isc-dhcp-server name * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Implemented gatewayDelete method from NetworkObserver * Set always five subdomains to reverse zones to avoid problems with some networks like * Fixed problem with cache of dhcp leases widget. Now it updates correctly * Lowercase the members in fixed address prior to substituing characters to become host in a valid domain name * Fixed non-translatable string


* Removed invalid restoreDependencies * Remove unused report sub * Fix updating dynamic domains * Allow modifiying models when domain is read only * Fix enable/disable the DNS cache checkbox without restarting apache. The enabled property depends on firewall enabled, now this check is done at run time. * Update the managed domain ip addresses when saving changes * Implement Network observer to update the kerberos domain when dhcp addresses are assigned * Get domain dynamic status from DHCP module * Code typo fixes related to references in DNS.pm * Add x86_64 samba dlz library paths to apparmor profile * Write keys file with read access only to bind group * Remove subdomain fields from hostnames and services models after DLZ zones support. The samba records are no longer created in the models but loaded from the DLZ zone. * Add support for DLZ zones to load the Samba4 DNS zones stored in LDB. * samba is not longer a restore dependency * Fixed some errors with array references * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Fixed help strings * Add method to set the domain's dynamic flag * Read and apply the samba domain update policy * Added message when a domain is added to clarify concepts * Adapted DHCP ranges to reverse ip fix in Net::IP * Fixed and improved facade method for management of domains, hostname and alias * Added foreign declarations in module schema * Use FirewallObserver instead of deprecated addOutputRule * Adapted to new Model management framework * Add new field subdomain to hostnames and services model, needed to create some samba records * API to add/delete A, SRV and TXT records to a domain * Change the primary nameserver record from 'ns' to the hostname * Change the IP address field on domain hosts to hasmany type. This is needed by samba to add the global catalog server record * Change the domain IP address to a hasmay type. This is needed if the server has multiple internal networks attached. * Server does not leak to the internet queries for unused rfc1918 zones * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Service name in uppercase and description is now translatable * Fixed executable permissions in src/scripts * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Bugfix: Delete TXT record on a dynamic domain works again * Do not set reverse resolution for domain if any hostname does already has it * Do not set reverse resolution for aliases * Change main URL for breadcrumbs for Domains * Set always five subdomains to reverse zones to avoid problems with some networks like * Adapted alias table and methods to multiple hostnames * Use proper paths for PID files to be resilient on reboots in upstart pre-script


* Removed Zentyal Cloud method * Deleted obsolete Disaster Recovery restore-tool * Fixed precondition in bakcup files lists, restore logs and restore backup models * Fixed regression in cache of current collection status * Move mostly report code to remoteservices * Fixed executable permissions on update-status script * Fixed RemoteStatus model precondition when setup is not complete * Fixed regression when getting collection status * Fixed wrong call to value() in backup-tool * Implement new EBox::Events::WatcherProvider * Adapted to new Model management framework * Adapted Message and Size types to new framework * Send additional info in backup events * Initial collection status done in background * Fixed bug with expiration of file list cache * Improved precondition message for restore logs model * Added backup target checks: mounted and size * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Use new unified tableBody.mas in RemoteStatus.pm * Do not show Zentyal Cloud option if custom_prefix is defined * Added selectable priority by config file to scheduled backup * Do not check for disasterAddon if not subscribed * Added missing libdate-calc-perl dependency * Fixed date parsing in restore-tool and configuration cloud backup * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * File selections by backup domain are restricted to includes * Includes from backup domains can be moved in the list; the model validates if the includes and excludes configuration is coherent with the backup domains * Refactored restoreFile method to ease testing of file quoting * Set a default timeout of 5 minutes for duplicity and allow to override it with the duplicity_timeout key of ebackup.conf * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Added pre and post backup process hooks. Thanks to Oliver (level-it.de) for his patch proposal for this * restore-tool detects when the user tries to restore a 2.0.X backup and refuses to continue * Added force user, password and server credentials for storage server * If unconfigured it refuses to generate a cache of the files in the backup * Added exception for symmetric key errors. Retry symmetric key in restore-tool * Added checking of passwd and shadow files in restore-tool, warn the user if they have changed * DR now restores hostname * Fixed bug with different time zones and files on the cloud * No restore-tool messages stop the restore process after all parameters have been asked * restore-tool: Added restore-all options and more force command line options. Fixed bug in symmetric-password command line option. Final message shows administrative interface localhost URL * restore-tool: fixed dialog when credentials are incorrect; better exclusion of problematic files to restore * Exception in permanent message of remote restore screen is now managed * Defaults in excludes and includes list are not longer added when deleting all the rows * Fixed logrotate configuration * Assure that backup-tool get all updated includes/excludes from a read-only version * Fixed encoding problems when restoring files * Better quoting of duplicity command arguments * Backup domain selections are added to list in the correct order * Fixed bug when the new and old sizes of the selections are the same * Backup event is also disabled when module is disabled


* Set RS VPN rule only if the VPN connection is done * Check connectivity against new API end point for Remote instead of WS server * Fixed names of some model classes * Hide advanced service rules by default, they can be enabled by setting the show_service_rules variable in firewall.conf * Fixed log icon * Fixed network observer calls * Fixed translation of Configure rules button * SNAT and redirect tables acknowledge that netfilter only knows about physical interfaces * Firewall is now under Gateway instead of UTM * Added priority to redirects * Fixed bug with SNAT and redirects to the same target * Improved style of packet filtering page * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Fixed i10n bug in prohibition of inverse match for "any" service * Adjusted table to existence of inverse match for addresses * Fixed error which broke rules for inverse address match for single IP address * Fixed error which broke rules for inverse service match for any TCP or any UDP for all ports * Use Clone::Fast instead of Clone * Added load of custom iptables modules * Added table for SNAT rules * Added filtering by source MAC * EBox::Firewall::IPRule can accept now IPRange objects as source or destination * Remove obsolete denyAction code * Adapted to new Model management framework * Remove obsolete OutputRules code * Remove obsolete localredirects methods * Remove obsolete import of EBox::Order * Set RemoteServices rules taking into account no bundle state * Added clone action to tables * EBox::Firewall::availablePort now works for non-FirewallObserver modules and it uses the same readonly status as the firewall module * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Use new unified tableBody.mas in PacketTrafficDetails.pm * Use printableName instead of name to select services * Remove firewall hook template as examples are already included in core * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Disabled source/destination port for portless protocols in redirections * Using iprange module for iptable rules referencing range object members * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* FTP moved from Infrastructure to Office * Fixed bug which always forced SSL when SSL was enabled * Removed user chroot options until vsftpd allows it again * Adapted to new Model management framework * Service name is now translatable * Remove backup domain excludes which are now incompatible with the new implementation of the RemoteExcludes model * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed template bug when writting chroot_local_users option * Welcome banner is now translatable


* Move report code to remoteservices * IDS is now under Gateway instead of UTM * Adapted to new Model management framework * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * withoutActions property in AlertDetails.pm for the new tableBody.mas * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Show the number of available rules if using ASU * If using ASU, then only use those rules to avoid incompatibilites with old community ones * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* IPsec is now under Infrastructure instead of UTM * Added checks to local and remote subnets addresses * Added any IP to remote address options * Adapted to new Model management framework * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Added loghelper support * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Deleted confkey copied from VPN module


* Improved help * Added STUN and Proxy configuration * Updated ejabberd.cfg.mas * Added shared_roster and VCard LDAP modules configuration * Added integration with Zarafa Webapp * Added script for clearing mnesia database * Adapted to new Model management framework * Now binding against LDAP to be able to access the accounts objects * Overrid isRunning with a more reliable implementation * Added printableName to jabber service * Adapted to new users implementation * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* Adapted to new Model management framework * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* New module not present in 2.2


* Move report code to remoteservices * Add missing use statement causing an exception loading the class * Convert to lowercase the domain part in the user LDAP filter, required to retrieve the correct mailbox path when using kerberos auth * Fix gssapi hostname for kerberos authentication * Fix LDAP filters * Switch to LDAP bind authentication when kerberos is not used * Fixed dovecot user password authentication * Fixed disable_dns_lookups key in master.cf * Dont use Zarafa for ham/spam acccounts * Allow syntax to specify smarthost without MX lookup * Fixed dovecot-ldap.conf.mas * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * External alias can have address on a vdomain alias * Fixed regression in vdomain aliases * Added Zarafa multitenancy support * Fixed regression in add/remove/list group alias * Added user addon for retrieval mail from external accounts * Added fetch all mail option to retrieval mail from external accounts * Implement new EBox::Events::DispatcherProvider * Adapted to new Model management framework * Always run postmap * Authenticated sender have to use a mail address which they own * Using old sieve directories as home mail directories * Enable GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * withoutActions property in TrafficDetails.pm for the new tableBody.mas * Removed mda option for fetchmail accounts with zarafa destination * Image in initial configuration wizard is shown again * New translatable printableNames for mail services * Adapted to new users implementation * Fixed wrong method call in MailUserLdap * Adapted to dovecot 2.0 * Postfix now binds to LDAP * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Mailfilter learn accounts are excluded from Zarafa transport * Remove precondition if there are no objects as now they can be added in-line with the new dialog * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Remove Zarafa dependent configuration when it is disabled * Fetchmail configuration takes in account Zarafa * Fixed usercorner row id error when adding a new external account * Fixed mail directory backup in account creation, now it can be made more than once * Use EBox::Validate::checkEmailAddress for checking email instead of a custom flaky re * Fixed regresion in mailname message in SMTPOptions model


* Fixed wrong retrieval of VDomains model * Fixed virtual domain policies tab * Move report code to remoteservices * Fixed LDAP url in amavisd.conf * VDomains model renamed to VDomainsFilter * Mailfilter is now under Communications instead of UTM * Disabled POP3 Proxy * Ham/Spam accounts adapted to changes in EBox::MailUserLdap methods * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Adapted to new Model management framework * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * withoutActions property in FilterDetails.pm and POPProxyDetails.pm for the new tableBody.mas * Clarify some policy option names * Mail module is force to reload when mailfilter module is enabled or disabled * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * New printableName for POP Transparent proxy service * Adapted to new users implementation * Service names are now translatable * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Use MySQL instead of PostgreSQL for spamassassin database * Added methods to get learn accounts for a domain * Fixed regression in spamassassin database setup * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed typo in code which prevented the creation of spam and ham users


* Fix link removal while stopping the service to avoid the creation of sporious directories * Added support for last week graphs * Fixed URL in breadcrumbs * Implement new EBox::Events::WatcherProvider * Adapted to new Model management framework * Perl plugin configuration for collectd 4.10 series * Set proper permissions in postinst for monitor events * Added additional info to events from monitor * Do not monitorize NFS mounts disk spaces * Added message about remote monitoring services * Use 2 decimals in event messages * Formatting int values to show only 2 decimals, if required * Show the list of top 10 processes when launching the CPU or system load alert * Show duration of the event in the message, if available * Bugfix: Notification configuration file is written regardless of its owner and permissions * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Show the measure name in threshold configuration title * Updated RRD directory path when hostname is changed * Bugfix: Use stringify instead of error when an error in retrieving all measures data happened * Include format.js only in the main page instead of every graph * Boost performance using RRDs bindings for perl instead of rrdtool * Give support for having a graph per type instance * Does not show an error in logs when collectd is notifying for a value is missing for a period of time but a debug message


* Fixed treatment for wake on lan objects in template, now there is no crash in Network Tools when entering an empty host * Fixed bug which made impossible to remove bridged interfaces * Management of CHAP secrets file recovers from removal of Zentyal marks * Add two methods to NetworkObserver interface to notify observers about address changes on dhcp interfaces * Forbid interfaces alias with ':' character * Assign ip address to loopback interface in module restart and remove the post-up hook from /etc/network/interfaces file. * Removed some warnings when external is undefined * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * New libossp-uuid-perl dependency * Zentyal Cloud DynDNS updates are now done outside the VPN and using the credentials obtained when the server is subscribed * Interface is now auto-detected when adding gateways * New table to allow disabling of traffic balance for some gateways * Fixed typo which made EBox::Network::ifaceAddress return empty addresses for virtual interfaces * Fixed validation of gateway names * Removed undefined value warning in setIfaceStatic() * Using EBox::Object::Members to generate multigw iptables rules * Restricted gateway names to be sane with dyndns and fixed dyndns configuration with old incorrect gateway names * Disabled dnspark until ddclient upstream fix a bug with this provideer * Multigw rules more robust when no-static interfaces are down * Removed redis transaction workarounds in _setConf * Fixed unconfigured gateway removal, raise exception if the route addition command fails * Remove all gateway based routes before adding the configured one and raise exception if the route addition command fails * Fix deadlock in preSetConf when DHCP is used * Moved bandwidth test to remoteservices * internalIpAddresses() does not throw exception if there are no ifaces * ifaceExternalChanged() is now called when static or PPP interfaces changes from external to internal * Implement new EBox::Events::WatcherProvider * Remove no longer necessary ad-hoc vifacesConf cache * Adapted to new Model management framework * Reimplemented Ifaces/Vifaces/VLANs storage according to new conf backend * Added vnet to the ignored interfaces list * Send additional info in Gateways watcher * Added clone action to multi gw and wan failover tables * Added EBox::Network::internalIpAddresses() * Added regenGatewaysFailover() to NetworkObserver so modules can implement actions to be done after failover regenerates routing tables * Fixed calculation of fail ratio * Assure that we have always one gateway marked as default * Restart traffic shaping on postinst to avoid rule loss on upgrades * Regenerate traffic shaping rules after failover event * EBox::Network::setNameservers does not fail if the same server is already in the list * Fixed calls to storeSelectedDefaultGateway with undef argument * EBox::Network::importInterfacesFile skips gateway adition instead of aborting if already exists one * Insert fwmark ip rules before from ones * Remove no longer necessary mark rules when having several interfaces * Pre-create failover and check-ip chains on network start to always ensure that rules are inserted in the proper position * Remove obsolete import of EBox::Order * Do not add gateways to /etc/network/interfaces to avoid conflicts * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Fixed path of dhclient.conf * Fixed path of dhclient hooks * Not allowed to attach static interfaces to a network which has already another interface atached * Fixed restore of default gateway in failover event * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * Use printableName instead of name to select services * Fixed executable permissions in ppp hooks and external-ip.pl * Bridge interfaces are correctly removed; fixed _hasChanged method * Menu entry Diagnostic Tools in Network renamed to Tools * Added WakeOnLan to the Network Diagnostic Tools * Added proxySettings to return the proxy settings to other modules * Added new ip rules to avoid connection problems on multigateway & UDP * Virtual interfaces called '0' does not longer raise error * Cache vifacesConf() result to improve performance * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Added gatewayDelete method to NetworkObserver and use it to check gateway removal in gateway table * Allow to disable traffic balance with no_balance_$gwname config keys * Fixed bridged interfaces change when the bridge is not configured * Do not mark traffic to default gateway if it is disabled * Fixed bug setting ip route rules with PPPoE interfaces * External IP address getter now works even in an unpolite situation


* NTP port is open to internal networks by default * Use more than 3 NTP servers if specified * enable-module script does not fail if ntp if-up script or dhclient hook does not exist * Adapted to new Model management framework * Use new services API * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* New module not present in 2.2


* Added EBox::Object::Members class. ObjectAddresses are always with mask, before, addresses from a range were without it * Adapted to new Model management framework * Added clone options * Disallow /32 addresses ending in zero * Added the posibility to create readOnly objects * addObject method now returns the object id * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* Move report code to remoteservices * Dont create servers which its name maps to a invalid certificate * Fixed error in template for server's client bundle * VPN is now under Infrastructure instead of UTM * Add PID file to make compatible with init.d script to check the current daemon status * Use MSS fix by configuration file option in order not to affect all servers * Added missing use statement in exposed networks model * Adapted to changes in DataForm, these changes caused problems creating new servers * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Reimplemented old behavior of client configuration directory creation for compability with other modules * Fixed error when backing up servers with no configuration file present * Improvements in DataForm deprecates the fudge in validateTypedRow * Added redirect gateway option to the server * Configuration file reside under daemon directory * ipp files are now in server own directory * Client now drop prvilegies after initialization * Different model for upload client bundles for clients * Added client config directory option to servers * Daemons can use a TUN interface * Using cloud DDNS address as default for client bundle * Added connection strategy option to client bundle * Unavailable options are hidden in download client bundle form * Added push dhcp-options to server: dns, searchdomain and wins * Configuration files in windows bundle now use typical window's line termination * Adapted to new Model management framework * Take into account the VPN internal client renaming * Site-to-site VPN is now supported on all editions * Refresh interface info cache with an apache restart to make the widgets return updated interface information * Fixed regresion that allowed bad server names * Fixed checks for used ports in other modules * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Advertised networks are now defined by objects instead of by manually specified networks * Added checks for small business subscription * Give support to use general proxy in OpenVPN clients * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Delete client and server upstart files on module purge * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Don't allow any server to use the same network than another server or any interface


* Management of CHAP secrets file recovers from removal of Zentyal marks * PPtP is now under Infrastructure instead of UTM * Adapted to new Model management framework * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Added loghelper support * Fixed connected users widget * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* New model to manage printer permissions * Move report code to remoteservices * Add precondition to printers model to check that samba s3fs fileserver is used. * Adapted to new Model management framework * Make CUPS listen also in virtual interfaces * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Disable enable-module actions until fixed * Service name is now translatable * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed bug which inserted log lines with printer and/or user NULL


* Adapted group membership checking to changes in users * Adapted to new Model management framework * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Adapted to new users implementation * Fixed random_file in eap.conf to work in precise * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* New style for registration wizard * Name change from Cloud to Remote * Reviewed strings * Start up tasks (cronjobs and bundle reload) is done after save changes in background * VPN connection is established once it is needed * Dynamic DNS is enabled during the subscription and not during the bundle execution * Dynamic DNS is disabled when deregistering * Set up audit environment in set conf * In order to run cron jobs only subscribed is required now * Adaptations for new registered community servers * Show VPNConnectivityCheck in Technical composite when the server has the bundle * Launch save changes immediately after performing the registration or unregistration in a modal box * Show Wizard link in no active remote configuration backup * Delete no longer required conf keys: ebox_services_www and ebox_services_mirror_count * Remove deprecated Disaster Recovery method * Cache cred data in module to optimise * Implement reporting code here * Password list files are now stored in module conf * RESTClient now supports raw JSON as query param * Do not set local address for TCP connections * Avoid division by zero showing DR info * Use beta values for configuration for now * Remove no longer used restore backup from proxy * Added method to write conf-backups and sec-updates credentials into /var/lib/zentyal/.netrc file * Remote configuration backup operations now run inside a popup * Added 'journaling' optional parameter to the RESTClient methods to enable/disable the journaling for that call * Optional parameters for RESTClient methods are now named * Conf Backup go outside the VPN using the new Cloud RESTful API * Added method setServer to RESTClient * Added integration with OCS inventory agent * QA Updates go outside the VPN * QA apt configuration files are now generated or removed when setting the configuration for the module (_setConf method) * QA repository public key included in the package * Added function cloudCredentials to get server uuid and pass * Added confKey monitoring_inside_vpn to configure whether the monitoring stats should be sent using the VPN or not * Added function cloudDomain to get Zentyal Cloud domain name * Added function subscribedUUID to get server UUID * Return current capabilities values if new ones cannot be obtained * Give support for 400 errors in REST Client as external exceptions * Added logic for new mail add-on for SB edition * Added REST client as interface with Zentyal Cloud * New registration form on subscription wizard * Use new module to calc average bandwidth from a day * Some improvements to runnerd daemonisation * Use RESTful API to send the jobs results to Zentyal Cloud * Adapted to latest changes in core * Use Apache mod API to include Cloud CA certificate * Remove Apache2 configuration which is only in the main file * Implement new EBox::Events::DispatcherProvider * Adapted to new Model management and events frameworks * Adapted storage of state info to the new JSON objects * Added subscribe desktop action as Desktop::ServiceProvider * Added journaling for REST requests * Adapted Events to send additional info * RESTClient sends the query request in application/json when the data to send is an array * Use new REST API * Check subscription details everyday * Rename Zentyal Cloud VPN client to remoteServices_client * Check available options before subscribing if more than option is available * Added REST client as interface with Zentyal Cloud * New subscription wizard * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * Add new server editions * New checks for Small Business edition * Uniformize config boolean values (from true/false to yes/no) * Use direct connection to QA repository even using a global proxy * Delete version() method which is now implemented on EBox::Module::Base * Set off-office hours for module cron jobs * Show the number of available IDS rules in the Advanced Security Updates model * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Do not clear cache when restarting the remoteservices module * Bugfix: Do not crash if apt-key del command fails * Bugfix: The internal cron jobs are now removed correctly * Remove some configuration and packages when a downgrade is done * Bugfix: Remove jobs when unsubscribing * Bugfix: Remove apt preferences when unsubscribing * Non-ASCII characters are explicitly not allowed in Zentyal Common Name * Backup and restore all the cached data * Download the backup archive from proxy using REST without storing locally * Download the backup archive using REST as well and optimising to pass the stream directly without temporary files * Configuration backup archive is now sent using curl in a REST format * Add EBox::RemoteServices::SOAPClient the chances to run any SOAP::Lite method * Avoid crash with undefined siteHost when migrating from 2.0 * Tolerate file permission errors when restoring subscription * Better exception when we have no response for the SOAP call


* Samba4 integration to provide Active Directory replacement * Use new antivirus plugin zavs instead of the old samba-vscan * Implemented configuration backup and restore for samba4 * Fix checking domain name in General Settings Model * Fixed some strings * Fix access for domain users to shares when guest access is enabled on the share * Setup quarantine directory for zavs and rant access to domain admins only * Write zavs settings on smb.conf * Change default domain NetBIOS to match the left-most part of the host dns domain * Check environment is properly configured before provision samba * Generate random administrator password instead of having a default one for security reasons, to join machines to the domain any user belonging to the Domain Admins group is enough, so there was no need to show this password on the interface * Removed dashboard widgets no longer compatible with samba4 * Check provisioned flag and module enabled in s4sync script * Set the provisioned flag at the end of provision function * shareByFilename() method is now working with samba4 * Improved DNS management of the Samba internal domain * Fixed labels on SambaSharePermissions model * Fix guest access to shares (client do not ask for password) * Map nobody and nogroup to domain guest and guests accounts * Add missing use statement on EBox::Samba::User * Fix updating Zentyal LDAP users kerberos keys from samba users * Ensure proper permissions on the samba privileged socket * Check that account names does not exists in the whole domain when adding users and groups from the LdapModuleBase callbacks * Do not notify samba module when deleting Zentyal users and groups through the synchronizer script * Improve netbios name validation (no dots) * Validate netbios domain name as netbios name * Force zentyal-dns dependency version * Fix bug managing the dns domain when enabling/disabling the module * Improvements in daemons management to avoid restarting them twice while saving changes. * Support additional domain controller mode * Remove user addon to set the user as domain admin. Add it to the domain admins group instead. * Sync domain administrator and domain admins accounts to zentyal * Provision database only when saving changes, not in module enable. * Change samba home to /home/samba instead /home/ebox/samba * Use the privileged LDAP socket to connect to samba LDAP. * Provision using bind9 DLZ backend. * Add config key to choose the fileserver to use, 'ntvfs' or 's3fs' * Removed wrong empty string translations * Enable printing daemon. Printers ACLs stored in a model within printers module. * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Enable printing daemon. Printers ACLs are now stored in a model within printers module * Removed wrong empty string translations * Fix exception creating shares * Sync passwords from LDAP to LDB directly from hashes * Fields in General Settings can be edited now, with the exception of domain and computer names * Added methods to get the paths used by shares, users and groups to generate disk usage reports * User addon to enable/disable the account and set the user as domain administrator * Group addon to create group shares * Added method to give captive portal module firewall rules to allow domain joins * Remove unnecessary dns enable depend as users already depend on it * Added LogObserver support * Avoid showing admin password if provision command fails * Add domain name validation, cannot be equal to host name * Fix provision bug caused by passwords containing spaces * Threaded synchronizer script * Roaming profiles implementation * Home drive implementation * Guest access implementation * Delete directories from disk when shares are removed * Fixed problems with provision in fresh install * Adapted to new Model management framework * Store printers in redis using the new JSON config objects * Integrate with zentyal DNS * Fix loop over array reference in funcion usesPort * New samba4 synchronization based on LDB module and LDIF files * Depend on samba-zentyal-modules instead of libldb-perl * Custom build of samba4 is no longer needed * Code typo fix in Samba::Model::GeneralSettings::_checkDomainName * Validate domain admin password in general settings * Fixed bugs when adding users or groups with spaces * Ignore mailfilter users in s4sync * Service description is now translatable * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Use always the same string to refer to the NetBIOS computer name * Validation of maximum length of domain name, validation against reserved words of netbios and domain names


* Forbid to user to create equivalents to any tcp/udp,tcp,udp services * Added serviceIptablesArgs method * Adapted to new Model management framework * setService method does not fail if the existent service has not any configuration * Added clone action to service configuration table * Now name is just an internal id, it is optional and hidden and defaults to printableName in case of services manually added by the user * Better printableNames for default services * Service names are now translatable * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* Deleted unused images * Do not show final notes in installation process * Fixed cancel button in confirm software packages in install process * New slides format * Use delete icon instead of deny for deselect all button * New installation finished page * Improved styles and icons * UTM is now integrated in Gateway and Infrastructure * Do not try to translate package description variable * Added popups for progress bars * Added logic for new mail add-on for SB edition * Added package icon for the UPS module * Increased timeout before redirecting to wizards from 1 to 5 seconds to avoid problems on some slow or loaded machines * Use again the non-customized Progress CGI which is now compatible * Fixed regression with modal box save changes * Remove redirection to save changes page after removing packages * Install/Remove package shows log directory in error message * Adapted to new Model management framework * zentyal-virt is no longer restricted in SB edition * Fixed syntax on spanish installer slides * Added icon for new Thin Clients module * Zentyal components page now shows update list packages errors * Fixed apt-wrapper error which masked some errors * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * Updated installation slides * Disable restart trigger on installation/removal of packages to avoid stuck the progress bar * Added check for small business subscription * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Bugfix: Use the new paths in setting apt preferences when modifying the /etc/zentyal/remoteservices.conf entry * Set off-office hours in automatic time when the admin has not set one * Fixed error on initial-setup when checking the zarafa repository * Fixed some after-installation non-translatable strings * Avoid to add both Zarafa 6 and Zarafa 7 repositories


* Added 'All users' option for Access Rules with group source * Using again squid ACLs when DG is active * Fixed issues in timed regeneration of DG files * Do not allow mix of IP and basic authorization in DG * Fixed directory to store archive files * Squid is restarted if groups in use change their members * Adapted LdapUserImplementation to new users API * Added kerberos real to auth acls on squid.conf to fix SSO * Added -i option to squid_kerb_auth to ease debugging * Archive list can now have spaces in the name * ListArchive type now accept spaces in the file name * Move report code to remoteservices * Perform the domain processing in log helper, very valuable for querying and reporting * Fixed auth rules in squid.conf to not allow all authorized users * Kerberos auth is optional and disabled by default * Removed duplicated Domain Filter Settings model in tabs * Better order and names in Filter Profile models * Better order for menu items * Added users as enabledepend * Add rule to allow web browsing by default on initial setup * Categorized lists now work * Summarized report works again * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Fixed cache-peer authorization parameters when using a global proxy. Due to this change squid.conf is no longer readable by all * Avoid multiple calls to store row in DelayPools::_setUndefinedValues() * Fixed group-based authorization * Fixed wrongly set time period acls in squid configuration in some cases * Fixed 'any' rules in dansguardian configuration * Unify FirewallHelper, removed no longer needed SquidOnlyFirewall * Support for different filter profiles depending on the time period * Update dansguardian conf templates to 2.10 version * Use new clone and check all options in tables * Added HTTPS proxy support if squid is compiled with SSL support * New Transparent Exemptions model to skip proxying of some websites * Rearranged components on filter profile configuration * New Categorized Lists model to upload the lists archives * Download sizes for Bandwidth Throttling now use MB instead of KB * Users and Antivirus enable dependencies are now optional * Default policy if no other allow or filter rules are present is deny * There is no need of manually specify global authorize or filter policy * New AccessRules model instead of objects and groups policy tables * Simplified Bandwidth Throttling using a single table * Removed useless HTTP proxy status widget * Using EBox::Object::Members class to generate iptables rules * Removed greylist feature that was confusing * Added enabled control to domains files lists * Remove duplicated models for default profile and custom filter profiles * Remove "apply on all" and "use defaults" models * Adapted to new Model management framework * Use new _keys() which takes cache into account instead of _redis_call() * Adapted TimePeriod type to the changes in the types framework * Kerberized authentication * Implement new EBox::NetworkObserver::regenGatewaysFailover() * Create tables with MyISAM engine by default * Use new tableBody.mas in TrafficDetails.pm * Fixed regresion which broke the apply all button for MIME and extensions * Adapted messages in the UI for new editions * Uniformize config boolean values (from true/false to yes/no) * Now you can use the default profile in a custom profile for file extensions * Adapted to new MySQL logs backend * Ignore localnets with undefined DHCP address when writing conf * Adapted to squid3 new paths and daemon and squid.conf syntax * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed regression on filter selection depending on the objects policy. Now it works again * Fixed regression which broke filter policies in objects when a non-filter global policy was selected * Fixed use of not-defined yet ACL when using parent peer * Fixed deprecated syntax for some iptables rules * Fixed parameter for unlimited value in delay pools * Fixed order of refresh patterns * Properly set of never_direct option when setting a parent peer


* Use full path for notifier of notifyActions. More restrictive notifyForeignModelAction(). Moved this method from parent to subclass * Added modeldepends to yaml schema * Use Clone::Fast instead of Clone * Disabled rules for ppp and non set interfaces * iptables range option used in commands upon object range members * Added all interfaces option in rule select interface option * Separate rules in internal (download) and external (upload) * Use regular models instead of a dynamic select composite * Adapted to new Model management framework * Implement new EBox::NetworkObserver::regenGatewaysFailover() * Fixed duplicate rows in interfaces rates page * Use printableName instead of name to select services * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* Modification of listen port from the UI works again * Fixed auth with SID filenames which contain spaces or other confusing characters * Adapted to new Model management framework * New translatable printableName for usercorner service * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Fixed logrotate configuration


* Added dns as restore depend * Do not translate the service principal names to upper case * Set LDAP service as denined by default for internal networks * Set the managed domain as read only as well as records * Fixed PAM when kerberos is enabled * Fixed addUser operation on slaves * Catch exceptions thrown by notified modules adding LDAP users and groups to rollback the operation and delete the object added prior to notification. * Fixed password change at user corner * Change KDC port to 8880 to preserve the classic default for user corner * Ignore the LDAP error 'no attributes to update' on save * Instantiate users by uid and groups by gid * Change kerberos ports from 88/464 to 8888/8464. This avoid conflicts and management logic of the heimdal daemons. Kerberos records are added with lower priority over samba ones. * Respect the optionality of the 'salt' field inside the kerberos keys in the 'setKerberosKeys' funcion of the User class. * Do not remove service principals when samba is enabled/disabled. Samba will import the keys * Add method to set the user kerberos keys * Stop samba daemon if module is disabled to ensure that port 88 is free * Initialize kerberos realm in lowercase to match the host domain * User template account default options not longer shown in slave servers * Added users filter by OU * Better password policies for LDAP backend * Added user synchronization with Zentyal Cloud * Removed deprecated conf keys (password hashes selection) * Sync kerberos hashes on master-slave * Resolve slave hostname during registering * Fixed framework changes related regression getting redis keys directly * Ask for the host domain in the wizard instead of the old mode selector * Fixed user name validation * Remove deprecated reference to AD Sync in wizard * Check to make sure that quota has been really assigned logs an error instead of raising an exeception, because some file systems does not support quotas * Adapt lastUid and lastGid to the new API and make them compatible with multiple OUs * Use DataForm::ReadOnly::_content instead of acquirers in LdapInfo * Delete obsolete daemons and attributes regarding old replication * Better error control in _loadACLDirectory * Adapted to new Model management framework * Adapted Password type to new framework * Added NTP as enable dependency * Heimdal Kerberos integration for SSO features * Better validation of user names and groups names. Better message when this validation fails * Added user() and group methods() to EBox::UsersAndGroups * Added quota limit check * Added backup domain for /home * Adapted ldapvi to changes in port * Setup master method can now take a custom password * Restart apache after changing master configuration * Removed all files * code cleaning * Disable user editing in slaves * New modifications() method to allow retrieving modifications made to the LDAP object in the last call to 'save' * Create users without password and set it after that, needed for samba4 * Removed auth_type warnings * Use the new unified tableBody.mas instead of tableBodyWithoutActions.mas * New master-slave architecture * Image in initial configuration wizard is shown again * Added printableName to service and modified description * Fixed executable permissions in src/scripts * Added checks for small business subscription * Bugfix: lastGid method was calling MINUID and SYSMINUID * Reload nscd before trying to init users and groups * Use Digest::SHA instead of Digest::SHA1 and remove libdigest-sha1-perl dependency which no longer exists on precise * Commented unused code in cleanUser method * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Bugfix: ad-sync can now populate groups with more than 1500 users * Bugfix: do not allow adsync passwords longer than 16 chars to avoid crash in pwdsync-server that keeps respawning * Bugfix: mark apache as changed in enableActions to avoid problems adding users before the new nsswitch conf is available for apache, also do not allow to add users if module is not really enabled after save changes * Make sure the default DN does not contains invalid characters * Do not allow malformed LDAP DNs in Mode * Make LDAP ready after enableActions restarting the service to avoid problems when adding users or groups * Fixed corruption when adding ldap attributes * Also disable apparmor in ad-sync mode * Renamed default adsync username from eboxadsync to adsyncuser * Adapt pwdsync user and password offsets to the new hook implementation * Always ignore ForeignSecurityPrincipals accounts in ad-sync * Added more debug messages and improved existing ones in ad-sync * Avoid warnings trying to get userPrincipalName in ad-sync * Skip machine accounts in ad-sync * Use paged queries in ad-sync * Allow to specify custom DN to bind to Windows Server in ad-sync * Ingore empty users in ad-sync * Fixed validation of secret key length in ADSync Options model * Removed useless validation of AD username in ADSync Options model * Show different error when adding users from Windows with invalid chars * Fixed bug managing slapd on ad-sync * Do not enable ADSync to avoid launching daemon before configuration * Also manage slapd daemon on ad-sync setups * Avoid slave connection to incompatible masters * Added quota change form on slaves * Allowed '\' character in ad-sync username


* Fixed reference to inexistent attribute when adding a machine * Report used ports as FirewallHelper * Set maximum number of virtual machines via virt.conf * New icons for the interface * Validate that CD images are in ISO format * MAC addresses can be always set without need of config key and also have a random default value * Remove no longer necessary parentComposite workarounds * Adapted to new Model management framework * Adapted Status type to new framework * Fixed error in getting VM state with a language different than english * Added printableName for VNC service * Do not manually specify emulator in xml to make it work in precise * Use novnc package in precise instead of custom one * Validation of the format of the disk files * Removed VMs are stopped, better treatment of disk addition errors * VNC service is set before saving changes * Added NetworkObserver methods * 'None' interface is not longer allowed for libvirt backend * Added validation of hard disk names * Bugfix: custom keymap validation works properly now * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Internal networks now work in KVM * Optimize check status operation in KVM using domstate command * Start VNC proxies only when necessary, this also avoids wrong alerts * Restrict virtual machine names to avoid problems with virsh and quotes * Fixed problems with inexistent mac elements on network interface rows * VMs have now always assigned the same VNC port * Bugfix: delete commands are properly quoted now * Bugfix: add newlines to the generated vnc-passwd file * Bugfix: specify video card model to avoid problems with some guests * Bugfix: created disks are now physically deleted when removed in the GUI * Use /var/lib/zentyal/conf/vnc-passwd to store autogenerated passwords and allow to customize them easily without having to create the file * Bugfix: do not allow more than 16 SCSI devices * Allow to force use of IDE disks if use_ide_disks config key is enabled * Allow to specify MAC addresses for network interfaces if custom_mac_addresses config key is enabled * Do not try to stop machines that are not running * Full cleanup of deleted VM directories when using VirtualBox * Avoid console warnings when a machine is not created * Bugfix: Do not stop machines on save changes if they haven't changed * Do not try to start already running VMs * Bugfix: OS type can now be changed after the machine is created * New manageonly option for better integration with VBox GUI


* Use full path for notifier of notifyActions. More restrictive notifyForeignModelAction() * Fixed syntax of notifyactions in yaml schema * Adapted to new Model management framework * Store roundcube database in MySQL instead of PostgreSQL * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools


* Configuration backup restore no longer crashes * Web Server moved from Infrastructure to Office * Module recovers from missign webserver service * Backup and restore of vhosts custom configuration directories * Avoid 'port in use' error when setting port for first time to its default value * Users public HTML directory adapted to changes in LDAP * Adapted to changes in DNS module * Adapted to new Model management framework * When creating virtual host DNS records use configured domains first * New translatable printableName for the webserver service * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Also check alias names when creating a new virtual host * Adapted to new DNS method addAlias * Renaming of virtual hosts disallowed * Fixed certificate path in vhosts * Fixed link to SysInfo/General


* Zarafa 7.1 integration

          • XMPP Integration
          • Single Sign-On

* Added new webapp and removed webaccess-mobile support * Moved menu entry from Office to Communications * Fixed store of zarafaEnabledFeatures as multiple attributes * Move report code to remoteservices * Use full path for notifier of notifyActions. More restrictive notifyForeignModelAction() * Fixed creation of service principal in enableActions * Switch to d-push (rebranded version of z-push) * Fix group support with new Users module * Added support for enabled/disabled features (pop3, imap) per user with default values from UserTemplate * Added support for Shared Store Only users and meeting requests management * Allow to configure Outlook Access (zarafa-server bind to all ifaces and enable SSL support), deleted option in zarafa.conf * Do not use indexing services by default in zarafa.conf * More updates on configuration templates and LDAP schema to Zarafa 7.1 * Enable InnoDB and restart MySQL server if needed * Bind to LDAP with the new read-only user for normal operations * zarafa-indexer is now zarafa-search * Adapted to new Model management framework * Install en_US.UTF-8 locale when enabling module for first time; otherwise users stores will not be created * Added message about Zarafa small business add-on * Adapted to new users implementation * Replaced autotools with zbuildtools * Notify mail of changes in service status so it could adjusts its configuration to the new status


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