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Change log from Zentyal 2.0 to Zentyal 2.2


       * Set custom AppArmor profile configuration in local subdirectory

to be less invasive * Use new AppArmor profile management by the framework * Use new initial-setup script for post-install setup * All obsolete migrations removed (faster installation) * Trigger apache restart after package remove * Removed creation of empty /etc/cron.hourly/freshclam script * Show 0 signatures when the antivirus is not even launched * Bugfix: passing template args to freshclam.conf correctly * Add support for authenticated proxy * Launch freshclam as a cron script from the required path by clamav-freshclam init script * Bugfix: Include a tailored AppArmor profile to allow the observer scripts execution * Added signatures to the database information page * Bugfix: Show right messages when the module is not configured nor enabled


* Delete deprecated full backup methods * Allow to customize phone extensions range * Use custom codecs on provider SIP connection too * Allow to customize DTMF mode * New Phones section to configure phone lines instead of users between 4000 and 7999 * Switched to Upstart to manage Asterisk daemon * Updated templates to Asterisk 1.8 * Default Music on Hold path changed to /var/lib/asterisk/moh/ * Added a script to transcode MP3 for Music on Hold * Added a script to generate a global addressbook * Deleted not used kernels script * Deleted unused templates * Moved from MeetMe to ConfBridge (rooms widget disabled but deleted dependency on DAHDI) * Dialplan now includes conferences and external calls don't need a 0 prefix * Deleted useless FirewallHelper * Disabled Zentyal VoIP provider configuration * Added configuration file to set up third party codecs * Moved from MeetMe to ConfBridge: * Rooms widget disabled has not supported by ConfBridge * Deleted dependency on DAHDI * Deleted not used kernels script * Dialplan and Queues are not longer in Realtime but files * Dialplan changes: * Dialplan now includes conferences * External calls doesn't need a 0 prefix but the full number * Voicemail now is always on *1 * Music On Hold is always on *4 * Echo test is always on *6 * Renamed ebox-asterisk-ldap to asterisk-ldap * Use new standard enable-module script * Delete obsolete migrations and use new initialSetup method


* New module not present in 2.0


* Avoid service certificates errors when a module is uninstalled * Reissue with Subject Alternative Names is now direct * Reissue is only possible with expired and revoked certificates * Use own code for launching OpenSSL commands * Avoid call to caExpirationDays when CA certificate is revoked * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Default CA expiration set to 10 years and certificates expiration set by default to the same value of the CA expiration * Log actions with AuditLogging * Use proper reload icon * Non-ASCII characters ban fully enforced, fixed problem in chmod mode when reinstalling package * Added more CN related option to services certificates * Remove obsolete migrations and use new initialSetup method * Services certificates are stored in backups * Bugfix: Certificate generation works now when the base directory doesn't exist * Certificates can be reissued after expiration or revocation


* New module not present in 2.0


* Avoid wrong translations of empty strings * Make MissingArgument exception text translatable * Avoid UTF8 double-encoding problems in some exceptions * EBox::Gettext::langs() inits now languages if requested instead of doing it on everytime the module is load, also use english locale instead of C when config key is defined * EBox::FileSystem::partitionsFileSystems more tolerant to avoid false negatives * Fixed problems in FileSystem with directories containing spaces * EBox::Sudo::root fails when any command fails, not only the last one * Do not crash when "du" gives permission denied on mount points like .gvfs * Added new dump_exceptions confkey disabled by default so the debug confkey can be set to yes again to harvest useful info in the logs * Set debug=no by default for the release candidates and the final 2.2 * Better implementation of EBox::FileSystem::dirFileSystem more straightforward and without symlink problems * Added ip_mac method to NetWrappers * Bugfix: list_ifaces() only returns real ifaces now * Call EBox::Config::refreshConfFiles only when needed * Use all user groups on EBox::init() gid change * Improved performance of the NetWrappers::list_ifaces method * Deleted useless methods in NetWrappers * New EBox::Config::refreshConfFiles to avoid problem restoring backups * Added new NotConnected exception * Properly encode sudo command list to avoid wide character errors * Added Thai language * Added getFreePort method to EBox::NetWrappers * Moved partitionsFileSystems method to EBox::FileSystem, added parameter to include file systems in /media * Remote device file systems appear now in partitionsFileSystems * New EBox::Config::modules() for /usr/share/zentyal/modules * New EBox::Config::scripts() to replace EBox::Config::libexec and EBox::Config::pkgdata, accepting module name as argument * Replace /etc/ebox/99ebox.conf with /etc/zentyal/zentyal.conf * Do not read configuration files everytime, config keys are now cached with their values * New /var/log/zentyal replaces /var/log/ebox * Added Greek language * Added compMessage field to EBox::Event * Bugfix: actionCell parameters are now passed correctly * Added link to download software.log in unexpected error page * Removed error message on file tests * Workaround for POST params validation with webkit based browsers * Added support for printableActionName in DataTable's * Better behaviour of read-only rows with up/down arrows * Add missing semicolon to HTML entities * Aesthetic improvement in modal boxes * Bugfix: Escape ' and " as HTML entities in gettext to fix problems with the dashboard in some languages * Fixed error when trying to read an undefined configkey * Validation of domain names using Data::Validate::Domain * Added Bengali language * Added Simplified Chinese to language selection * Added two icons for ebox-software * Fixed a backward compatibility issue when checking if a network interface is up * Use sysfs to retrieve network interfaces information * Added permanent messages to composite viewer * Bugfix: Show permanent messages and message below page title if the model has pageTitle property * Added Lithuanian language * Added Romanian to the language selection


* Volatile types called password are now also masked in audit log * Adjust padding for module descriptions in basic software view * Fixed modal add problems when using unique option on the type * Fixed error management in the first screen of modal add * Unify software selection and progress colors in CSS * Set proper message type in Configure Events model * Fixed error checking permanentMessage types in templates/msg.mas * Added progress bar colors to theme definition * Remove no longer correct UTF8 decode in ProgressIndicator * Fixed UTF8 double-encoding on unexpected error CGI * Reviewed some subscription strings * Always fork before apache restart to avoid port change problems * Stop modules in the correct order (inverse dependencies order) * Better logging of failed modules on restore * Do not start managed daemons on boot if the module is disabled * Better message on redis error * Watch for dependencies before automatic enable of modules on first install * Removed obsolete /ebox URL from RSS link * Changed methods related with extra backup data in modules logs to play along with changes in ebackup module * Set a user for remote access for audit reasons * Detect session loss on AJAX requests * Startup does not fail if SIGPIPE received * Added code to mitigate false positives on module existence * Avoid error in logs full summary due to incorrect syntax in template * Allow unsafe chars in EBox::Types::File to avoid problems in some browsers * Reviewed some subscription strings * Warning about language-packs installed works again after Global changes * Show n components update when only zentyal packages are left to upgrade in the system widget * Do not show debconf warning when installing packages * EBox::Types::IPAddr (and IPNetwork) now works with defaultValue * Allow to hide menu items, separators and dashboard widgets via conf keys * Do not create tables during Disaster Recovery installation * Added new EBox::Util::Debconf::value to get debconf values * DataTable controller does no longer try to get a deleted row for gather elements values for audit log * Check if Updates watcher can be enabled if the subscription level is yet unknown * Detection of broken packages works again after proper deletion of dpkg_running file * Keep first install redis server running until trigger * Unified module restart for package trigger and init.d * Use restart-trigger script in postinst for faster daemons restarting * System -> Halt/Reboot works again after regression in 2.1.25 * Added framework to show warning messages after save changes * Change caption of remote services link to Zentyal Cloud * Do not show Cloud link if hide_cloud_link config key is defined * Added widget_ignore_updates key to hide updates in the dashboard * Allow custom message type on permanentMessage * Only allow custom themes signed by Zentyal * Removed /ebox prefix from URLs * Caps lock detection on login page now works again * Dashboard values can be now error and good as well * Include a new software updates widget * Include a new alert for basic subscriptions informing about software updates * Add update-notifier-common to dependencies * EBox::DataTable::enabledRows returns rows in proper order * Use custom ads when available * Disable bug report when hide_bug_report defined on theme * Do not show disabled module warnings in usercorner * Mask passwords and unify boolean values in audit log * Do not override type attribute for EBox::Types::Text subtypes * Corrected installation finished message after first install * Added new disableAutocomplete attribute on DataTables * Optional values can be unset * Minor improvements on nmap scan * Do not try to generate config for unconfigured services * Remove unnecessary redis call getting _serviceConfigured value * Safer sizes for audit log fields * Fix non-translatable "show help" string * Allow links to first install wizard showing a desired page * Fixed bug in disk usage when we have both values greater and lower than 1024 MB * Always return a number in EBox::AuditLogging::isEnabled to avoid issues when returning the module status * Added noDataMsg attribute on DataTable to show a message when there are no rows * Removed some warnings during consolidation process * Depend on libterm-readline-gnu-perl for history support in shells * Fixed error trying to change the admin port with NTP enabled * Fixed breadcrumb destination for full log query page * Use printableActionName in DataTable setter * Fixed parentRow method in EBox::Types::Row * Added new optionalLabel flag to EBox::Types::Abstract to avoid show the label on non-optional values that need to be set as optional when using show/hide viewCustomizers * Added initHTMLStateOrder to View::Customizer to avoid incorrect initial states * Improved exceptions info in CGIs to help bug reporting * Do not show customActions when editing row on DataTables * Fixed bug printing traces at Global.pm * Check new dump_exceptions confkey instead of the debug one in CGIs * Explicit conversion to int those values stored in our database for correct dumping in reporting * Quote values in update overwrite while consolidating for reporting * Fixed regression in edition in place of booleans * Better default balance of the dashboard based on the size of the widgets * Added defaultSelectedType argument to PortRange * Throw exceptions when calling methods not aplicable to RO instances * Fixed problems when mixing read/write and read-only instances * Date/Time and Timezone moved from NTP to core under System -> General * Do not instance hidden widgets to improve dashboard performance * New command shell with Zentyal environment at /usr/share/zentyal/shell * Show warning when a language-pack is not installed * Removed unnecessary dump/load operations to .bak yaml files * AuditLogging and Logs constructor now receive the 'ro' parameter * Do not show Audit Logging in Module Status widget * New unificated zentyal-core.logrotate for all the internal logs * Added forceEnabled option for logHelpers * Moved carousel.js to wizard template * Add ordering option to wizard pages * Fixed cmp and isEqualTo methods for EBox::Types::IPAddr * Fixed wrong Mb unit labels in Disk Usage and use GB when > 1024 MB * Now global-action script can be called without progress indicator * Fixed EBox::Types::File JavaScript setter code * Added support for "Add new..." modal boxes in foreign selectors * Each module can have now its customized purge-module script that will be executed after the package is removed * Added Administration Audit Logging to log sessions, configuration changes, and show pending actions in save changes confirmation * User name is stored in session * Remove deprecated extendedRestore from the old Full Backup * Fixed RAID event crash * Added warning on models and composites when the module is disabled * Fixed login page style with some languages * Login page template can now be reused accepting title as parameter * EBox::Types::File does not write on redis when it fails to move the fail to its final destination * Added quote column option for periodic log consolidation and report consolidation * Added exclude module option to backup restore * Do not show incompatible navigator warning on Google Chrome * Fixed syncRows override detection on DataTable find * clean-conf script now deletes also state data * Avoid 'undefined' message in selectors * Move Disk Usage and RAID to the new Maintenance menu * Always call syncRows on find (avoid data inconsistencies) * Filename when downloading a conf backup now contains hostname * Fixed bug in RAID template * Set proper menu order in System menu (fixes NTP position) * Fixed regresion in page size selector on DataTables * Fixed legend style in Import/Export Configuration * Fixed regresion with double quotes in HTML templates * Fixed problems with libredis-perl version dependency * Adding new apparmor profile management * Better control of errors when saving changes * Elements of Union type can be hidden * Model elements can be hidden only in the viewer or the setter * HTML attributtes are double-quoted * Models can have sections of items * Password view modified to show the confirmation field * New multiselect type * Redis backend now throws different kind of exceptions * Revert no longer necessary parents workaround * Hide action on viewCustomizer works now on DataTables * Fixed bug which setted bad directory to models in tab view * Union type: Use selected subtype on trailingText property if the major type does not have the property * Security [ZSN-2-1]: Avoid XSS in process list widget * Do not try to initialize redis client before EBox::init() * Safer way to delete rows, deleting its id reference first * Delete no longer needed workaround for gconf with "removed" attribute * Fixed regression in port range setter * Fixed regression in menu search * Fixed missing messages of multi state actions * Help toggler is shown if needed when dynamic content is received * Fixed issue when disabling several actions at once in a data table view * All the custom actions are disabled when one is clicked * Submit wizard pages asynchronously and show loading indicator * Added carousel.js for slide effects * Fixed issues with wrong html attributes quotation * Bugfix: volatile types can now calculate their value using other the value from other elements in the row no matter their position * Attach software.log to bug report if there are broken packages * Added keyGenerator option to report queries * Tuned apache conf to provide a better user experience * Actions click handlers can contain custom javascript * Restore configuration with force dependencies option continues when modules referenced in the backup are not present * Added new MultiStateAction type * Avoid problems getting parent if the manager is uninitialized * Rename some icon files with wrong extension * Remove wrong optional attribute for read-only fields in Events * Renamed all /EBox/ CGI URLs to /SysInfo/ for menu folder coherency * Added support for custom actions in DataTables * Replaced Halt/Reboot CGI with a model * Message classes can be set from models * Fixed error in Jabber dispatcher * Show module name properly in log when restart from the dashboard fails * Avoid warning when looking for inexistent PID in pidFileRunning * Changed Component's parent/child relationships implementation * Do not show available community version in Dashboard with QA updates * Fall back to readonly data in config backup if there are unsaved changes * Allow to automatically send a report in the unexpected error page * Logs and Events are now submenus of the new Maintenance menu * Configuration Report option is now present on the Import/Export section * Require save changes operation after changing the language * Added support for URL aliases via schemas/urls/*.urls files * Allow to sort submenu items via 'order' attribute * Automatically save changes after syncRows is called and mark the module mark the module as unchanged unless it was previously changed * Removed unnecessary ConfigureEvents composite * Removed unnecessary code from syncRows in logs and events * Restore configuration is safer when restoring /etc/zentyal files * Fixed unescaped characters when showing an exception * Fixed nested error page on AJAX requests * Adapted dumpBackupExtraData to new expected return value * Report remoteservices, when required, a change in administration port * Added continueOnModuleFail mode to configuration restore * Fixed Firefox 4 issue when downloading backups * Show scroll when needed in stacktraces (error page) * More informative error messages when trying to restart locked modules from the dashboard * Creation of plpgsql language moved from EBox::Logs::initialSetup to create-db script * Redis backend now throws different kind of exceptions * Avoid unnecesary warnings about PIDs * Update Jabber dispatcher to use Net::XMPP with some refactoring * Save changes messages are correctly shown with international charsets * Support for bitmap option in RAID report * Retry multiInsert line by line if there are encoding errors * Adapted to new location of partitionsFileSystems in EBox::FileSystem * Event messages are cleaned of null characters and truncated before inserting in the database when is necessary * Improve message for "Free storage space" event and send an info message when a given partition is not full anymore * Event messages now can contain newline characters * Objects of select type are compared also by context * Remove cache from optionsFromForeignModel since it produces problems and it is useless * Set title with server name if the server is subscribed * Fix title HTML tag in views for Models and Composites * Added lastEventsReport to be queried by remoteservices module * Added EBox::Types::HTML type * Added missing manage-logs script to the package * Fixed problems with show/hide help switch and dynamic content * Menus with subitems are now kept unfolded until a section on a different menu is accessed * Sliced restore mode fails correctly when schema file is missing, added option to force restore without schema file * Purge conf now purges the state keys as well * Added EBox::Types::IPRange * Now a menu folder can be closed clicking on it while is open * Bugfix: cron scripts are renamed and no longer ignored by run-parts * Added new EBox::Util::Nmap class implementing a nmap wrapper * Fixed incoherency problems with 'on' and '1' in boolean indexes * Move cron scripts from debian packaging to src/scripts/cron * Trigger restart of logs and events when upgrading zentyal-core without any other modules * Don't restart apache twice when upgrading together with more modules * Fixed params validation issues in addRow * Replace YAML::Tiny with libyaml written in C through YAML::XS wrapper * Minor bugfix: filter invalid '_' param added by Webkit-based browser on EBox::CGI::Base::params() instead of _validateParams(), avoids warning in zentyal.log when enabling modules * New first() and deleteFirst() methods in EBox::Global to check existence and delete the /var/lib/zentyal/.first file * PO files are now included in the language-pack-zentyal-* packages * Migrations are now always located under /usr/share/$package/migration this change only affects to the events and logs migrations * Delete no longer used domain and translationDomain methods/attributes * Unified src/libexec and tools in the new src/scripts directory * Remove the ebox- prefix on all the names of the /usr/share scripts * New EBox::Util::SQL package with helpers to create and drop tables from initial-setup and purge-module for each module * Always drop tables when purging a package * Delete 'ebox' user when purging zentyal-core * Moved all SQL schemas from tools/sqllogs to schemas/sql * SQL time-period tables are now located under schemas/sql/period * Old ebox-clean-gconf renamed to /usr/share/zentyal/clean-conf and ebox-unconfigure-module is now /usr/share/zentyal/unconfigure-module * Added default implementation for enableActions, executing /usr/share/zentyal-$modulename/enable-module if exists * Optimization: Do not check if a row is unique if any field is unique * Never call syncRows on read-only instances * Big performance improvements using hashes and sets in redis database to avoid calls to the keys command * Delete useless calls to exists in EBox::Config::Redis * New regen-redis-db tool to recreate the directory structure * Renamed /etc/cron.hourly/90manageEBoxLogs to 90zentyal-manage-logs and moved the actual code to /usr/share/zentyal/manage-logs * Move /usr/share/ebox/zentyal-redisvi to /usr/share/zentyal/redisvi * New /usr/share/zentyal/initial-setup script for modules postinst * New /usr/share/zentyal/purge-module script for modules postrm * Removed obsolete logs and events migrations * Create plpgsql is now done on EBox::Logs::initialSetup * Replace old ebox-migrate script with EBox::Module::Base::migrate * Rotate duplicity-debug.log log if exists * Bug fix: Port selected during installation is correctly saved * Zentyal web UI is restarted if their dependencies are upgraded * Bug fix: Logs don't include unrelated information now * Add total in disk_usage report * Bugfix: Events report by source now works again * Do not include info messages in the events report * Services event is triggered only after five failed checkings * Do not add redundant includedir lines to /etc/sudoers * Fixed encoding for strings read from redis server * Support for redis-server 2.0 configuration * Move core templates to /usr/share/zentyal/stubs/core * Old /etc/ebox directory replaced with the new /etc/zentyal with renamed core.conf, logs.conf and events.conf files * Fixed broken link to alerts list * Renamed /etc/init.d/ebox to /etc/init.d/zentyal * Use new zentyal-* package names * Don't check .yaml existence for core modules * Added compMessage in some events to distinguish among events if required * Make source in events non i18n * After restore, set all the restored modules as changed * Added module pre-checks for configuration backup * Fixed dashboard graphs refresh * Fixed module existence check when dpkg is running * Fix typo in sudoers creation to make remote support work again * Include status of packages in the downloadable bug report * Bugfix: Avoid possible problems deleting redis.first file if not exist * New methods entry_exists and st_entry_exists in config backend * Now redis backend returns undef on get for undefined values * Allow custom mason templates under /etc/ebox/stubs * Better checks before restoring a configuration backup with a set of modules different than the installed one * Wait for 10 seconds to the child process when destroying the progress indicator to avoid zombie processes * Caught SIGPIPE when trying to contact Redis server and the socket was already closed * Do not stop redis server when restarting apache but only when the service is asked to stop * Improvements in import/export configuration (know before as configuration backup) * Improvements in ProgressIndicator * Better behaviour of read-only rows with up/down arrows * Added support for printableActionName in DataTable's * Added information about automatic configuration backup * Removed warning on non existent file digest * Safer way to check if core modules exist during installation * Treat wrong installed packages as not-existent modules * Added a warning in dashboard informing about broken packages * File sharing and mailfilter log event watchers works again since it is managed several log tables per module * Replaced zentyal-conf script with the more powerful zentyal-redisvi * Set always the same default order for dashboard widgets * Added help message to the configure widgets dialog * Check for undefined values in logs consolidation * Now dashboard notifies fails when restarting a service * Fixed bug with some special characters in dashboard * Fixed bug with some special characters in disk usage graph * Pre-installation includes sudoers.d into sudoers file if it's not yet installed * Install apache-prefork instead of worker by default * Rename service certificate to Zentyal Administration Web Server * Use mod dependencies as default restore dependencies * Fixed dependencies in events module * Increased recursive dependency threshold to avoid backup restoration problems * Removed deprecated "Full backup" option from configuration backup * Bugfix: SCP method works again after addition of SlicedBackup * Added option in 90eboxpglogger.conf to disable logs consolidation * Removed useless gconf backup during upgrade * Fixed postinstall script problems during upgrade * Added support for the sliced backup of the DB * Hostname change is now visible in the form before saving changes * Fixed config backend problems with _fileList call * Added new bootDepends method to customize daemons boot order * Added permanent message property to Composite * Bugfix: Minor aesthetic fix in horizontal menu * Bugfix: Disk usage is now reported in expected bytes * Bugfix: Event dispatcher is not disabled when it is impossible for it to dispatch the message * Better message for the service status event * Fixed modules configuration purge script * Block enable module button after first click * Avoid division by zero in progress indicator when total ticks is zero * Removed warning during postinst * Added new subscription messages in logs, events and backup * Bugfix: Login from Zentyal Cloud is passwordless again * Some defensive code for the synchronization in Events models * Bugfix: add EBox::Config::Redis::get to fetch scalar or list values. Make GConfModule use it to avoid issues with directories that have both sort of values.


* Do not check fixed addresses of unconfigured vifaces * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Use the new "Add new..." option in the object selectors * Make TFTP path optional * Add option tftp-server-name if next-server is defined * Use new AppArmor profile management by the framework * Apparmor profile now works without DNS module installed * Transform member names in fixed address to avoid user confusion * Do not check for MAC unity for the same object in fixed address since it is already done by the member model * Do not fail if the DNS module is not installed * Fixed 'routers' option when gateway is set to 'none' * Object members without a valid hostname are no longer used as fixed addresses, IP ranges are also skipped * Use EBox::Types::Host to simplify UI in Thin Clients * Fixed regression with new autotools paths * Bugfix: dhcp module never fail to save changes when a change in network interface is done * Use a select to choose the dynamic domains instead of adding manually using a Text box * Added support to add DNS reverse resolution for DHCP clients * Added dynamicDNSDomains exposed method to be used by dns module * Now it is possible to tweak DHCP configuration for an specific host or range using /etc/ebox/dhcp/<hostname> or /etc/ebox/dhcp/<range_name> configuration file * Thin client options are now working for objects and ranges * Fixed addresses are now managed by network objects * Dynamic IP address leases now got the hostname from the DHCP client, if given * Define dhcpd paths using autotools for flexible use with isc-dhcp-server (>4). * Use new standard enable-module script * Replace services migration with initialSetup and delete the obsolete one * Bugfix: MAC addresses are now parsed correctly in LogHelper * DHCP init.d script is disabled when enabling the module * Bugfix: Add to apparmor profile the bind keys file to read it to make dynamic DNS feature work again * Bugfix: Comply apparmor profile by setting pid file as /var/run/dhcp3-server/dhcpd.pid


* Prevent start of bind9 daemon after module is disabled * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Workaround for parent deep-recursion problem * Combine all models in the DNS menu entry and added missing help * Give support for Round-Robin records, that is, the same name points to different IP addresses * Add transparent cache DNS when firewall module is enabled * Add forwarders manual configuration * Add wildcard for hostnames default value * Add TXT records * Add SRV records * Use public API to get the Hostname model in NameServer and MailExchanger models * Set as hostmaster@domain the email address to report problems and responsible for that domain * Do not allow set custom NS or MX records to point CNAME records in the same domain * Do not allow to remove last NS record as it is mandatory * Add a default NS record and A record when creating a domain * Just one PTR record is written per IP address to avoid problems in reverse resolution * Remove no longer used zone files * Give support to mix static direct resolution with dynamic one * Give support to mix static reverse resolution with dynamic one * Start init script using -f flag to send the named log to daemon.log file * Give support for dynamic DNS reverse resolution under /var/lib/bind/ directory * Use new standard enable-module script * Replace migrations with initialSetup * Replace /etc/ebox/80dns.conf with /etc/zentyal/dns.conf * Bugfix: Comply apparmor profile by setting the updated dynamic zones under /var/lib/bind


* Added guard against undefined rows in RemoteExcludes model * Solved problem with automatic inclusions with no-redis characters in its keys * Use a permanent warning for 'Cannot connect to cloud' message * Better validation of target in file system method * Gentle handling of file not found error when generating cache list * Use new version 2 of the disaster recovery metadata * Do not store configuration backup using duplicity * Restore configuration backup before downloading data * Fixed regression in restore configuration button * Support for partial downloads in restore-tool * Raise error when the path needed to restore a file does not exists * Fixed encryption detection in restore-tool * Moved default duplicity cache to /var/cache/zentyal/duplicity * Reviewed some subscription strings * Better integration with core theme * Fixed revokeAlModules call on read-only global instances when dumping extra backup data * Use show/hide in viewCustomizer to simplify the interface * Added missing help * Fixed problem restoring filenames with shell metacharacters * Rotate duplicity logs * Move Backup menu option inside the System menu * Better path quoting when restoring files * Root directory can be chosen as directory in FTP and SCP * Files with unsafe chars are shown in the file list and can be restored * Removed configuration backup warning as now it is always done * Removed unnecessary code from syncRows methods * Report methods in RemoteSettings and BackupDomains now return non-i18n'ed data * More control over uncommon errors * Parse and store backup statistics for further processing * First date is selected by default on restore-tool * Bugfix: values from configuration file are checked to assure that at least making backup is tried once * Clean temporal directory before doing logs restore * Better control of extra backup data failures * Better control of Cloud failed connections * Duplicity archive dir can be set in configuration file * backup-tool always create meta and data directories when backing up to cloud * remoteUrlParams method does not require user or password parameter when the backup method is 'file' * Set default value for the keep previous full copies setting * Replace YAML::Tiny with libyaml written in C through YAML::XS wrapper * Renamed /usr/share/ebox-ebackup/ebox-remote-ebackup to /usr/share/zentyal-ebackup/backup-tool * Removed migrations and use new initial-setup * Added /var/tmp to default exclude paths * Remove skip of usercorner in restore-tool, now it is a package * Replace /etc/ebox/82ebackup.conf with /etc/zentyal/ebackup.conf * Added 'files included' domain and restore all fields options to restore-tool * Using 'cat' command instead of 'tail' to retrieve backup metadata * Use a geometric progression for timeout values for retrying connecting to backup servers when there are connectivity problems * Fixed event message when something goes wrong at first stages * Fixed bug in checking right method changing * Added a way to delete orphan metadata files * Use new zentyal package names in restore-tool * Change one of our backup servers fingerprint * Using the new module name for cloud-prof package * Store metadata in Disaster Recovery backups * Autodetect encryption type instead of asking * Ask for domains to restore right after choosing the date * Avoid some warnings in restore-tool when executed in a shell * Added missing crontab string for monthly full backup * Fixed wrong crontab string for weekly full backup * Use software module and ProgressIndicator to install packages * Fixed problems with pulsating progress bar in restore-tool * Use fork + exec to launch zenity, fixes argument parsing problems * Making environment local for installing modules in restore-tool * Added cleanup operation on failure * Added backup-cleanup script for manual cleanups * Properly handle connection errors in RemoteStorage * Set label of restore file button to "Restore" instead of "Change" * Set the volume size to 25 as default for remote system * Added support for disaster recovery * Allowed to restore the root directory in EBox::EBackup::restoreFile * Method for restore log database from a directory * Disabled asymmetric encryption method until we can support in in disaster recovery * Fixed non-internationalizable strings in RemoteSettings model * Using /etc/cron.d instead of ebox crontab for scheduled backups * Fixed error in scheduled backups using week days * Better error and precondition control when making backups * Do not spawn a separate process to make the configuration backup * Warn instead of abort all the backup if there are unsaved changes * Fixed incremental backup frequency with full backup frequency is "twice a month" * New "twice a month" frecquency for full backup * Fixed bug excluding DB slices directory * Added support for the sliced backup of the DB


* Avoid some crashes caused by connectivity issues during save changes * Fixed check of hide_firewall_images config key * Do not crash when a firewall helper rule fails and inform the user * Hide explanatory images in the GUI if hide_firewall_images key defined * Set single by default in the PortRange of the RedirectRules table * Fixed deprecated use of iptables command * Added help images to each firewall filtering table * Improve kernel settings for increased firewall security * Use the new "Add new..." option in the object selectors * Removed obsolete gettext calls * Changed RedirectRules table order (Protocol before Port) * Added chains method to firewall helpers (lets them create custom chains) * Added SNAT option in Port Forwarding rules * Remove unnecessary code from EBoxServicesRuleTable::syncRows * Add forwardNoSpoof and inputNoSpoof FirewallHelper methods to allow exceptions on default spoof checking in the firewall * Log INVALID packets as we do with DROPped ones * Fixed bug when getting the value of destination port in redirect table * Removed unnecesary call to isReadOnly in syncRows * New addServiceRules helper method for initial setup of modules * Added addToInternetService to exposed methods * Added new addInternalService and requestAvailablePort methods * Use new initialSetup method to add default rules * Remove obsolete migrations * Replace /etc/ebox/80firewall.conf with /etc/zentyal/firewall.conf * PPPOE MTU is now changed in network module when reconfiguring gateways


* Update configuration file * Added FTP SSL support * Added option to enable/disable chroot users into their homes * Add service in initialSetup instead of migration * Added support for backup domain


* Reviewed some subscription strings * Remove unnecesary code from syncRows methods * Remove unnecesary isReadOnly call in syncRows * Delete obsolete migration and use initial-setup to add SQL tables * Fixed help message for rules model


* New module not present in 2.0


* Fixed bug trying to change read-only instances * Fixed packaging of scripts directory * Use new standard enable-module script * Move services migration to initialSetup


* Replaced populate migration with initialSetup


* Added uidl fetchmail option to pop3 external accounts * Fixed error in SMTPOPtions model when system hostname is not a FQDN * Fixed errors executing mail queue commands * Do not generate config if module is not configured * Set widget size to 2 for a better default dashboard balance * Update wizard pages with new order option * Use the new "Add new..." option in the object selectors * Add support for LOGIN in authenticated mail relay * Delete deprecated extendedRestore method * Use quote column option for periodic and report log consolidation * Fixed crash in dashboard widget * Check for undefined vdomain in vdomainExists method * Removed unwanted matching in the logs in some rare circumstances * SASL and TLS are always enabled * As long as mailfilter module is enabled, the mail module will use the filter it provides * Changed mail firewall services * Added message submission service * Added poll period and per-account "keep" option to email retrieval from external accounts * Bugfix: don't run archivemail if no .Trash or .Spam folders found * Change Zarafa virtual transport to LMTP. * Bugfix: EBox::MailVDomainsLdap::vdomains returns a correct value when mail is disabled * Some refactoring on mail dispatcher * Added zentyal-mail-addressbook that generates a listing of all mail users * Added support for eboxmailrelated attribute so groups have a mail attribute useful for other modules like Zarafa * Improvements in log parsing * Quota attribute renamed in LDAP to allow to have a generic quota attribute in users * Fixed error in pagination of traffic summarized report * Removed dovecot antispam plugin support until serious bug in the dovecot-antispam package from Ubuntu is fixed * Bugfix: external accounts wiht passwords containing ':' don't cause probems anymore; however single quota is forbidden in external accounts passwords * Bugfix: non-authorized smtp recipient restrictions works when SASL is enabled * Delete deprecated/unused _isCourierObject and _accountAddOn methods * Removed obsolete migrations and use new initial-setup * Remove dependency on dovecot-antispam moved to ebox-mailfilter * Bugfix: Fixed some problems with size parsing in logs * Bugfix: Remove a warning in consolidation of mail messages * Improvements in reports - Return data for end report period to show traffic per day - Added top user sender/receiver per domain - A single mail_message report is sent consisted of sent, received and rejected mail messages - Workarounded problems with unavailable domain in report table - Bugfix: event in report table has the same definition that has in log table * Bugfix: don't query vdomains to LDAP if module is not enabled * Added backup domain * Increased size of event field in mail_message_report table * Autocreate user email always in lowercase * Fixed dovecot mailboxes config to avoid problems with some vdomains * Set default order for dashboard widgets * Don't regenerate user quotas if default quota doesn't change * Bugfix: hooks didn't work (thanks to moebius for the patch)


* Reviewed some subscription strings * Fixed argument passing in constructor, readonly instances now work * Adapted to changes in amavis bounce policies and changed labels in vdomain policies * Use quote column option for periodic and report log consolidation * Do not enable when mail module has a custom filter in use * runMonthlyQuery method uses keyGenerator option for consistency * Manage MTA-BLOCKED event in the logs * Removed 'learn from accounts spam folder' feature until serious bug in dovecot-antispam Ubuntu package is fixed * Fixed Makefile for SQL traffic for preriod tables * Use new standard enable-module script * Remove old migrations and use new initial-setup * Add depend on dovecot-antispam previously on zentyal-mail. * Manage exception when ebox.amavisd-new is missing. It never should be missing unless unfinished or wrong installation. But at least now it doesn't crash the entire dashboard. * Replaced lha uncompressor with rar and 7zip * Set default order for dashboard widgets * Fixed widget subsection titles


* More resilient link creation when subscribing * Always create monitor conf directory * Do not send info events when using persist after if the warn events was not sent previously * Added persist after X seconds to send an event when the value is in the notification area for more than X seconds * Include conf.d directory only if this exists * Monitor is now a submenu of the new Maintenance menu * Removed unnecessary code from MeasureWatchers::syncRows * Added missing dependency on rrdtool * Now adding thresholds is more resilent to lower number of passed parameters * Df measure now monitorizes file systems in /media and never monitorizes read-only filesystems (except root) * Monitor tolerates missing rrds * Use new standard enable-module script * Removed unnecesary call to isReadOnly in syncRows * Use new initial-setup script in postinst


* Does not sometimes fail in external IP address getter when multigw is enabled * Fixed unique IP check on gateways table * Fixed problems bringing up static interfaces during boot * Avoid duplicated gateway due to network wizard * Disable autocomplete in gateway proxy configuration * Disable autocomplete in dynamic DNS provider configuration * PPPoE works again after regression by PPTP changes * Reviewed some subscription strings * Removed all the obsolete traffic monitoring stuff using jnettop and rrdtool * Added custom mtu configuration for the interfaces in /etc/zentyal/network.conf * Improved texts in configure interfaces wizard * Fixed dashboard network graphs for interfaces with strange characters * Change provider for getting the public IP address in DynDNS * Better integration with core theme * Avoid errors deleting non-existent gateways * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Added staticIfaceAddressChangedDone notification * Fixed module name in actions logging * Send only gw.hostname.dyndomain.tld to avoid ddclient go nuts * Calculate interfaces widget size for a better default dashboard balance * Remove pppoe debug in hooks * Allowed '/' character in proxy username * Manual log of audit actions in Iface, VIface and Vlan CGIs * Update wizard pages with new order option * Use pppoe name on chap-secrets * Now chap-secrets configuration for pptp module is not overwritten * Use the new "Add new..." option in the object selectors * Set connected gateway as warn level event and minor improvements in the failover messages * Added maxfail option to PPP configuration files to retry lost connections * Added logic to manage PPP gateways in failover tests * Failover tests are now ran with a read-only instance even if there are unsaved changes on the interface and the generated events notify this * Mark DHCP interfaces as changed in the Wizard to get IP on first save * Removed unnecessary call to ids() in DHCP hook * Added interfaces created by libvirt and virtualbox to the ignore list * Dynamic DNS: Transform gateway names when multigw is on to send only valid domain names * Group sudo commands when adding routes and cleaning VLANs * Added new Zentyal Cloud service for DynDNS * Fixed DynDNS help string * Allow internal bridges * Gateways, Balance Traffic and WAN Failover are now together as tabs of the Gateways submenu * Improved order of the submenus * Setting DHCP gateway does not longer require saving changes twice * Remove unnecessary code from GatewayTable::syncRows * Do not execute ifup on interfaces during the boot to avoid multiple instances of dhclient * Added report for bandwidth tests * Avoid warning in GatewayTable::syncRows when gateway is undef * Added debug to dhcp-gateway.pl script * New interfaces alias are checked to avoid name clashes * Bugfix: PPPoE gateway is now properly set * Removed ebox- prefix from src/scripts/* * Removed unnecesary call to isReadOnly in syncRows * Move ebox-netcfg-import to importInterfacesFile method * Remove obsolete migration * Added new initialSetup method for post-install * Replace /etc/ebox/80network.conf with /etc/zentyal/network.conf * Bug fix: Traffic monitor didn't work in non-English installations * Zoneedit service url changed * Basic support for other methods to retrieve IP * Do not try to start ddclient daemon if disabled * Make source event not i18n * Safer way to get the PPPoE 'tty' ethernet interface * Added PPPoE logging in /var/log/ebox/pppoe.log and ebox.log * Installation does not fail if the restart of EventDaemon fails * Now the ifaces_to_ignore variable is considered in ebox-netcfg-import * PPPoE MTU rule is no longer flushed on module restart * Show DHCP as default option in wizards if there is only one interface * Avoid problems when removing interfaces (vlan, briges) * Fixed support for bridged vlans configuration * Set all interfaces as changed on backup restore * PPPOE MTU is now changed when reconfiguring gateways * Set default order for dashboard widgets * WAN Failover now supports DHCP and PPPoE interfaces * Disable reverse path to avoid failover checking problems * Better default values for failover rules * Use masks in fwmark to avoid interferences with traffic shaping * Warning in log if failover event disabled due to unsaved changes * Failover does not enable unwatched gateways * Reload events daemon after upgrade to apply failover changes * Include Zentyal in multigateway rules when setting 'any' as source * Make Interfaces page title translatable * Fixed failover problems in some scenarios * Fixed syntax and string quote in 99proxy.conf * Add support for authenticated proxy * Fixed traffic shaping problems in multigateway scenarios * Fixed network confirmation page to work with bridges * Improved load balancing to avoid web sessions loss


* Disable also ntp daemon on dhclient hook * Disable ntp daemon executed by Ubuntu networking services during boot * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Fixed problems saving changes after disable * Remove obsolete setService and _configureFirewall methods * NTP settings are now top-level under Infrastructure * Date/Time and Timezone are now under System -> General * Modelized CGIs and move DateTime and Timezone to core * Set proper menu order * More robust default values for external servers * Removed obsolete gconf dependency * Use new standard enable-module script * Remove migration and use initialSetup * Replace ebox-timezone-import with importTimezone method * Bug fix: drift can be recalculated now * Bug fix: _restartAllServices method now works properly


* Remove mask from CIDR members in EBox::Objects::Model::MemberTable::addresses when mask parameter is set to 1 * Objects menu moved inside the Network menu * Added IP ranges as object members * objectAddresses method can now return masks if requested * Removed undefined variable warning * MAC addresses are now unique in MemberTable


* Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Added route up command option to vpn clients * Added mssfix option for UDP connections * Added new setRouteUpCmd in EBox::OpenVPN::Client used by EBox::RemoteServices::SupportAccess class * Added new setLocalAddressAndPort in EBox::OpenVPN::Client used by EBox::RemoteServices::Auth class * Removed useless client widgets * Fixed argument passing in constructor, readonly instances now work * VPN logs are stored now under /var/log/openvpn and properly rotated * Remove remoteservices clients on backup restore if remoteservices module is excluded * Improved precondition fail message * Fixed problem with quagga automatic updates * Reorganize URL's and submenus to integrate with new IPsec module * Upgrade version of the OpenVPN for Windows installer to 2.2.0 * Allow all kind of network addresses on exposed networks * Added localAddr and lport properties for internal VPN clients * Bugfix: now you can edit no-certificate VPN client parameters without resubmitting certificates * Upgrade version of the OpenVPN for Windows installer to 2.1.4 * Use new standard enable-module script * Use new initial-setup in postinst * Replace /etc/ebox/80openvpn.conf with /etc/zentyal/openvpn.conf * Added server option for multihomed UDP server * VPN clients are now forced to explicitly notify disconnections only if UDP is the used protocol. * Removed deprecated code that caused a warning in postinst logs restart * VPN clients are now forced to explicitly notify disconnections * Bugfix: VPN widgets don't break dashboard if they cannot find the IP of the used interface * Avoid useless log messages on VPN log files recreation * Bugfix: VPN client connections and disconnections are logged again * Client bundle filename includes now the certificate name * Changed download client bundle text to "Download" * Set default order for dashboard widgets * Bugfix: VPN servers are correctly disabled when their certificates are expired or revoked * Added /etc/default/openvpn to openvpn used files * Bugfix: Zentyal-managed VPN servers are only started by upstart * Bugfix: VPN servers cannot be managed without a valid CA certificate * Bugfix: Configuration files are correctly removed when a server is deleted * Typo fix: A missing space in a command to validate certificates * Bugfix: Handle spaces in server names * Added exception error to precondition fail message


* New module not present 2.0


* General CUPS parameters set in the CUPS web interface are preserved * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Fixed argument passing in constructor, readonly instances now work * Use upstream init.d script instead of custom upstart one * Enable CUPS by default on internal interfaces * Use quote column option for periodic and report log consolidation * Remove unnecessary code from CUPS::syncRows * Use new standard enable-module script * Removed unnecesary call to isReadOnly in syncRows * Use new initial-setup and delete migrations * Fixed config backup when some etc files doesn't exist * CUPS configuration is saved when backing up * Override restoreDepends to remove samba * Added network as dependency of printers * Include support for HP printers by default * Remove duplicated table creation in enable script * cups init.d script is disabled when enabling the module * Bug fix: cups daemon is now started before samba one


* Added new radius log * Use new standard enable-module script * Replace add service migration with initialSetup


* Set script session starting code in EBox::RemoteServices::Job::Helper to add audit support for jobs * Allow remote access from the cloud with no dynamic host * Bugfix: Typo in passwordless default value * Reviewed some subscription strings * WS check now is load-balanced * Custom locations now works again after URL rewriting scheme * Catch when the updates watcher is not available to enable * Do not show subscription wizard if hide_subscription_wizard key defined * Better integration with core theme * When subscribing modify other modules after saving new subscription state * Enable updates watcher after subscribing * Include missing OverwriteRemoteBackup module * Depend always on zentyal-software (needed for the automatic QA updates) * Better error message when registering a subscription without connectivity * Disable wrong user/password autocompletion in Subscription form * Remove innecesary checks for nameserver and web servers prior to exchanging data with them * Remove route is up checking for remote support since it is not neccesary * Added subscription_skip_vpn_scan configuration key to skip VPN check while subscribing * Added VPN client local address adjustment * Improvements in subscriptions checks * Added firewall helper to open and redirect ports for remote access * Added script for persist firewall rules when openvpn client restarts * Link to wizard instead of the store to register a Basic subscription * Add at package as dependency * Remove unnecessary check for old 2.0.X versions of zentyal-software * Bugfix with YAML::XS to decode UTF8 strings to let SOAP::Lite perform the proper encoding * Set proper suite in preferences with QA updates * Use new path for openvpn logs at /var/log/openvpn * Update wizard pages with new order option * Use system configured NS if the Cloud NS is not available * User HTTP instead of ping for check Cloud WS server * Added support for DynDNS service * Added ssh warnings to remote support page * Added automatic registration + subscription wizard * Pass new fallbackToRO option when making a configuration backup * Added Cloud DNS connection check * Fix last report link in Subscription page * Catch all exceptions when the server is not connected to Cloud * Add reportAdminPort to let Zentyal Cloud know the TCP port where the server UI is listening to * Remove unecessary parameter when making automatic backup * Avoid log entry with unexistant file * Rename dispatcher receiver to Zentyal Cloud * Using unconfigured interfaces as last resort to connect to Cloud * Added exception for no connection to Cloud * Bugfix: Migration for VPN clients to new local port and address options works * Bugfix: VPN local address tests are now quiet * Enforcing type in SOAP response is now allowed * Added new models to show information about our several services: - Server subscriptions - Advanced Security Updates - Disaster Recovery - Technical Support * New Zentyal Cloud client widget with new services information * Remote services VPN client now uses local port and address options * Give support for new QA repository for Zentyal Server >= 2.1 * Re-enable support for Professional subscription * Bugfix: fixed error in remote backup template when a basic subscription already has a backup in the cloud * Added WS and VPN server connectivity check upon subscription * Bugfix: package removal does not crash if can't unsubscribe * Replace YAML::Tiny with libyaml written in C through YAML::XS wrapper * Remove migrations and use new initial-setup * Replace /etc/ebox/78remoteservices.conf with /etc/zentyal/remoteservices.conf * Bugfix: Remove key field in consolidation which is useless in this context and it leads to errors everyday of the month except the first one * Indicate script to run when changing configuration file * Remote backup is now overwritten with Basic Subscription * Using a new key from bundle or dnsServer as fallback to set the set of addresses to access from Zentyal Cloud * Added check to not use any address when connected to Zentyal Cloud to do remote support * Added backup/restore of subscription credentials * Added API to get the list of registered Zentyal servers * Added API to get the backup credentials if available * Added API to know if the disaster recovery add-on is on * Fixed problems with cache values * Typo fix to run cron job when the period says to do * Set default order for dashboard widgets * Set hostname as default value for server name * Minor message changes * Correct case for sql column names * Fixed bad hour bug in remoteservices cron file generation * Allow insecure clients (bad renegotiation CVE-2009-3555) until Zentyal Cloud clients have the problem fixed. * Do not save Apache module in module restarts as GUI already do it at the end of saving modules stage * Set random times for cron tasks * Bugfix: Added pageTitle property to remote support access page * Handle exceptions in subscription levels SOAP calls * Added API to query to internal nameserver * Added API to know the subscription level * Added API to know the add-on server has


* Added config key to set Zentyal folders and default domain prefix * Added maximum limits to PDC options * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Removed wrong quotes in smb.conf * Added missing touch and minsize options in /etc/zentyal/samba.conf for Recycle Bin * Better validation of samba shares paths * Improve smb.conf template: delete use_client_driver and allow include per client * Always depend on samba-vscan * Use quote column option for periodic and report log consolidation * Now deleted users and groups are removed correctly from printers permissions lists * Show group comment if exists as share description * Fixed SQL in activity report section * Removed redundant code _dumpSharesTree and _loadSharesTree * Domain names ending in ".local" are no longer allowed * Quotas are now included in users module * Bugfix: disabled shares are correctly ignored now * Bugfix: fixed bad column name in report consolidation * Renamed internal-backups and quarantine shares from ebox- to zentyal- * Bug fix: default file sharing quota works properly now * Remove ebox- prefix from helper scripts names * Use new standard enable-module script * Replace /etc/ebox/80samba.conf with /etc/zentyal/samba.conf * Use new initial-setup in postinst and delete old migrations * Bug fix: Home directory is mapped when accessing from a Windows 7 client * User quotas are now stored in configuration backup and users directory * Bug fix: Share size is estimated although some files cannot be read * Bug fix: Removed permissions are actually removed * Roaming profiles with correct file attribs * The files in a group share can be modified by all the members in the group * Show forbidden paths in the "Path not allowed" exception text * Truncate the resource field to avoid overflow error of log database * Removed printers are ignored during backup restore * Added backup domain * Added printers as restore dependency * Check for incompatibility between PDC and PAM on slaves * Improved performance by adding samba LDAP indexes * Only set shares ACL if needed * Set default order for dashboard widgets * Bug fix: guest shares also work if PDC not enabled * Fixed quarantine folder permissions * Don't ask for password in guest shares * Bug fix: guest shares now work on Windows clients * Fixed log retrieving for quarantine alerts * Fixed problems in backup restoration * Bug fix: support users and groups with spaces and so on in ACLs * Bug fix: cups daemon is now started before samba one * Bug fix: samba can be enabled now if filesystem does not support quotas * Removed warning due to mix numeric and string values in printer hash. * New CUPS printers are also stored in redis when editing groups * Deleted obsolete code regarding external/non-external printers


* Fixed problems adding portless protocols such as ICMP * Removed validateTypedRow as it is unnecessary with viewCustomizer * Single port is selected by default for the destination port field * New 'allowEmpty' parameter on setMultipleService to allow empty services * Fixed bug which unallowed changing some protocols in service configuration * Add support for AH in service protocols * Services menu moved inside the Network menu * Implements modelClasses (allows to access models without ModelManager) * Delete unused ServiceTableFilter model * Set internal attribute as hidden to make it simpler and avoid confusion * Added HTTP to default services * Added serviceId to exposedMethods * New _defaultServices method called on initialSetup * Removed obsolete migration


* Updated installation slides texts * Updated profile descriptions * Components table is now fully translatable * Implement Software/EBox#tabname to go directly to the given tabname using hash property in URL * Refresh upgradable list after the user click on update list * Return to the system updates when the user has not made any selection * Removed useless regex match from apt-wrapper * Fixed javascript error when installing after package search * Better integration with core theme * Moved CSS styles to core * Updated some strings for better understanding * Added missing metapackage dependencies * Updated version reference in slides text * Rotate software.log * Added some new package icons * Changes in package preselections, mainly RADIUS is no longer selected by default and L7Filter replaces it * Improved visual style of the confirmation page * Remove package recommendations * Improved style for a better view of packages install page * Added some new package icons * Better management of packages without candidate version * Always add zarafa repository to avoid situations with broken packages * Log CGI now uses the dumpSoftwareLog method in BugReport * Candidate versions are now picked using APT priority * Replace references to reload.gif with reload.png * Fixed package selection header appearance on low resolutions * New package selection page with icons * Check if apt-get is ready before running apt commands * EBox::CGI::Software::Log more resilent to errors * Added stats for automatic upgrades. Currently, the timestamp and the number of automatic upgraded packages * Replaced ebox-apt-update and ebox-apt-remove with apt-wrapper * Cron script ebox-software renamed to auto-updater * ebox-update-packages and ebox-remove-packages renamed to install-packages and remove-oackages * Remove obsolete migrations * Do not show system updates in Zentyal UI when there are not available because of our QA updates * Fix bug when removing QA updates in preferences file * Use new zentyal-* package names * Safer regexes in ebox-update-packages and ebox-remove-packages * Do not ignore kernel packages in system updates * Open and close write fifos only one time and autoflush them * Avoid sending duplicated lines to the fifos * New APT log at /var/log/ebox/software.log to diagnose problems * CGI to download software.log from the error page * Handle SIGPIPE in ebox-apt-remove * Delete /var/lib/zentyal/dpkg_running inupdate and remove scripts * Handle possible errors opening write fifo * Always regenerate APT cache for installing or upgrading * Do not download all the packages, just download needed ones * Improved performance using global package cache * Show a helpful page if there are half-installed packages * Fixed defunct process due to uncaught SIGPIPE * Always end safely the installation of packages regardless of any error * Wait for the child ending when installing packages * Include as Zentyal component the ones that start with "zentyal-" * Do not check archive if the version list if it was installed manually or the archive is missing (Fixed a warning) * Fixed a bug in error management in ebox-apt-update and ebox-update-packages scripts * Fixed bug setting automatic time * Use icons for Security and QA updates in System updates * Bugfix: Do not show + icon in system updates if there is not changelog entry * Bugfix: When QA is enabled and exclusive, do not show not qa packages to upgrade * Bugfix: Zentyal components to update based on QA data as well * Bugfix: Return right properties for security and QA when available * Remove useless calls to regen a cache that does not longer exist for Zentyal components * Return the Zentyal packages when listUpgradablePkgs is called with excludeEBoxPackages off, this makes Zentyal components be updated by ebox-software if automatic updates are set * Bugfix: Remove deprecated parameter in listEBoxPkgs method * Unknown packages are considered as uninstalled * Set a random automatic time when there is not stored any configured time by admin


* Improved bandwidth throttling texts * Set proper message type in General Settings model * Remove dansguardian startup link to avoid start when disabled * Fixed encoding in blocked page template * Reviewed some subscription strings * Added configuration key to omit domain categorized files from backup * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Give support for setting a new adblocking redirector * Give support for adding postmatch patterns in Ad-blocking * HTTPS works both for banned domains and block blanket options * Added guard against missing rows in antivirusNeeded method * Order top domains by visits instead of traffic bytes in reporting * Include missing dansguardian.logrotate file * No longer use custom upstart scripts and custom logrotate conf * Humanize units in Delay Pools (from Bytes to KB) * Use the new "Add new..." option in the object selectors * Added global ad-blocking option * Use quote column option for periodic and report log consolidation * Guard against generating empty localeboxnet ACL * Dansguardian is only started when a global filter policy is choosen * Applied keyGenerator option to report queries * Removed workarounds on component's parent/child relationship * Adapted logrotate configuration to new PID file * Added guard against empty fileList_path keys * Added missing Microsoft updates server in squid.conf.mas * Zentyal squid daemon uses a different pidfile now * Fixed bug that could delete the default profile file list * Avoid call to set_string with undefined value * Added missing dependency on network module * Use new standard enable-module script * Improved order of tabs in filter profiles * Custom filter profiles are also populated with default extensions and MIME types * Delete all migrations and use initial-setup * Replace /etc/ebox/80squid.conf with /etc/zentyal/squid.conf * Disable default arbitrary regexes in bannedregexpurllist.mas * Bugfix: when having different filter profiles with domain lists, the lists files are no longer deleted on the second restart * Filter profiles names with spaces are forbidden to avoid errors * Avoid problems with some languages on disk usage graph * Set DNS servers in Squid configuration


* Add new objects and services from modal box works now * R2Q constant now is configurable through conf key to allow greater guaranteed rates for better upload links * Better message in exception from _checkRate * Fields validation optimized * Compatible with Objects with IP ranges * Added call to initial-setup in postinst * Fixed L7 shaping when watching more than one interface * Some performance improvements * Minor performance improvements with L7 protocols * Do traffic shaping after routing in POSTROUTING chain


* Fixed UTF8 double-encoding on unexpected error CGI * Bug report form appears now when usercorner crashes * Set locale properly in user corner * Better integration with core theme * Move User Corner inside Users and Groups menu * Added help * Rotate usercorner logs * Added purge-module script to clean logs directory * Reuse login/index.mas from zentyal-core customizing the title * Tuned apache conf for better performance * Moved redis_port_usercorner key to /etc/zentyal/usercorner.conf * Move users/conf/user-eboxlog.conf to usercorner/conf/usercorner-log.conf * Show title on login screen to avoid confusions * User corner cannot longer be enabled in a slave server * Fixed bad ownership of user corner userjournal directory * Rename UserCornerWebServer to UserCorner and merge usersessiondir and usercornerdir methods in the new unique class


* Fixed regression in usercorner link * Moved apache soap configuration from setConf to enableActions * Init slave users on enable (now home directories are created) * Create LDAP indexes during slave enable * UsersAndGroups::lastUid() now takes also into account non-ldap users * Stop old ldap daemons in reinstall script, needed before changing mode * Use a safer mode() implementation to avoid recursions with ModelManager * Start slapd daemon when a module fails to connect * Help in wizard is show again if no custom_prefix defined * Hide help with link in wizard if custom_prefix defined * Disable autocompletion in user form * Avoid duplicated restart during postinst * Include quota schema in slaves LDAP (fixes replication) * Do not stop slapd daemons after slave enable * Fixed users and groups retrieval if module is disabled * Manage slapd daemon in master mode * Make the optional 'comment' field to also appear as optional on the UI * Ignore users also in pwdsync-server, not only in the ad-sync script * Set submenu items order for integration with the User Corner menu * Avoid undefined dn warning * Fix adsync mode check for zentyal-users cronjob * Removed bad default value for adsync_dn option * Update wizard pages with new order option * Use Unix socket for LDAP connections on standalone and slave without PAM * Manage zentyal-users cronjob with configuration keys for sync times instead of debian/lucid/zentyal-users.cron.d and src/scripts/ad-sync.cron * Configuration key to not to create homes (usefull on LDAP master servers) * New ad-sync-info to show info of ADsync configuration * Allow multiple BDC for ADsync mode with adsync_bdc confkey * Add ADsync service by default and move port value to a confkey * userInfo() tolerates missing quota LDAP attribute * Added captiveportal to the list of modules in the reinstall script * Moved redis_port_usercorner key to usercorner.conf in zentyal-usercorner * Move users/conf/user-eboxlog.conf to usercorner/conf/usercorner-log.conf * Fixed issues with html html attributes quotation * Allow to specify a base DN to bind to AD * Add locking to slave-sync to avoid spawn multiple instances in the event of not being able to connect to a slave * Do not modify users and groups in AD sync if attributes are not changed * Wipe ignored users in AD sync * Allow contacts synchronization in AD sync * New checks in AD sync to avoid warnings * Added update package list command to reinstall script * Non-editable user fields in slaves no longer appear as editable inputs * Numeric 0 is accepted as value for LDAP users attributes * Minor fixes in default quota from user template * Fixed error when writing ad-sync cron file * Do not allow to create users if their home directory already exists * Quotas are now included in users module * System users don't require password * Fixed bug that allowed to create LDAP users whith the same name than users with UID 0 (like root) * Separate usercorner module to the new zentyal-usercorner package * Remove zentyal- prefix from rejoin-slave and ldapvi scripts * Move /usr/share/ebox-usersandgroups/ebox-usersandgroups/reinstall to /usr/share/zentyal-users/reinstall * Show enableActions for master also in ad-slave mode * Deleted obsolete migrations and use new initialSetup method * Added locks to prevent overlapping in ad-sync script * Fix slave failed operation string on slave hostname * Replace /etc/ebox/80users.conf with /etc/zentyal/users.conf * Added indexes for common LDAP attributes * Replace /var/log/ebox-usercorner with /var/log/zentyal-usercorner * Now the AD synchronization can be disabled at any moment and a server with AD-slave mode can be master for other Zentyal slaves * New /etc/ebox/ad-sync_ignore.users and ad-sync_ignore.groups files to ignore users and groups in the AD synchronization process * Improved zentyal-ldapvi script that works on slave servers * Creates the default group if not exists during restore * Added restore backup precheck to assure there are not conflicts between system users and Zentyal LDAP users (currently only works for masters) * Make sure to create the base directory for user homes before create them * Reconnect to LDAP on backup restore * Better log messages * Save configuration files during restore * Catch possible SIGPIPE on LDAP reconnect * Fix Samba PDC on slaves * Check for incompatibility between Samba PDC and PAM on slaves * Optimize slave-sync script if there are no pending operations * Remove useless call to mode() on slave-sync script (faster now) * Replica LDAP listens in all interfaces * Added index add mechanism to LdapModule * Fixed NSS DN config in masters * Added zentyal-rejoin-slave to rejoin a slave to its master * Fixed NSS/PAM in slave machines * Removed wrong hooks implementation * Fixed infinite recursion when setting up some models on slave servers * Added support for addUser/delUser hooks * Allow LDAP users and groups up to 128 characters * Show precondition message for user corner on slave servers * Unconfigure ftp and zarafa in reinstall script * Do not show adsync debug messages if debug is disabled in config * Allow more than one dot in usernames * Fixed master/slave synchronization issues * Remove userjournal dir when removing a slave * Added lock during module enable to avoid initialization problems * Fixed AD slave synchronization task * Fixed incorrect LDAP binding in some cases


* New module not present in 2.0


* Integration with roundcube 0.5.3 * Fixed argument passing in constructor, readonly instances now work * Make mail and webserver enabledepends instead of depends * Bugfix: not fail when saving changes without IMAP or IMAPS but the module is disabled * Don't write web configuration files if the module is disabled * Changed to alias setup instead of symlink * Use new standard enable-module script * Use new initial-setup in postinst


* Remove startup link on enable to avoid start when disabled * Bugfix: certificate name is ssl.pem and not apache.pem * Generate default SSL certificate for out of the box HTTPS support * Allow custom CN on Web Server service certificate * Bugfix: fix all known issues with HTTPS vhosts * Bugfix: mark ca as restarted after issueCertificate to avoid red button * Use upstream apache2 init script instead of custom upstart one * Removed warning when no sites configured * Added service certificate CN options * Restart webserver after all modules which have it as enabledepends in order to make effective their changes in web configuration * Implement restoreDependencies to avoid problems when restoring backup * Remove migration and use new initialSetup * Bugfix: validations of virtual host values are correct now * Added GLOBAL_CONF_DIR constant for apache conf.d dir * Change configuration override policy to allow all for /var/www * Include Virtual host files in the backup domain * Bugfix: webserver ssl certificate is reissued instead of renewed if the file is not found * Bugfix: certificate is re-issued if the hostname changes * Added backup domain


* Bugfix: create shared folders will fail if for some reason they were already created, like on a backup restore, run that without raising exception * Added report support: Top user storage, mail storage along the time, last snapshot of user storage usage * Create shared folders for the first time zarafa-server is configured * Add support for both Zarafa 6 and Zarafa 7 * Change default attachments storage to files * Update for Zarafa 7: stubs and enable script * Bugfix: set server.cfg to 640 perms * Manage dagent daemon for LMTP delivery * Optimize LDAP user query * Bugfix: fix iCal SSL configuration * Bugfix: groups member where not properly populated. * Added groupware firewall service * Bugfix: set server.cfg to 640 perms * Update configuration stubs * Manage dagent daemon for LMTP delivery * Create shared folder on enable * Optimize LDAP user query * Bugfix: fix iCal SSL configuration * Bugfix: groups member where not properly populated * Bugfix: indexer was always started ignoring value of zarafa_indexer * Manage zarafa-licensed daemon if defined in zarafa.conf * Bugfix: create contact even if create account is disabled on User Template * Only show groups with mail alias on Zarafa GAL * Add support to manage ICAL server * Add /etc/zentyal/zarafa.conf for advanced configuration * Deleted webserver from depends * Renamed ebox-zarafa-spell to zarafa-spell * Use new standard enable-module script * Remove unused migration and call to initial-setup in postinst * Add support to show disabled accounts as contacts * Add script to purge orphaned stores * Set the right permissions and group for certificates issued by CA module * Improved performance by adding zarafaAccount LDAP index. * Added create/delete account hooks support. * Bugfix: add zarafaQuotaOverride to localAttributes.


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