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Translation using the Zentyal Translation Platform

Zentyal hosts a translation platform where the community can contribute translating Zentyal software into their language of choice. Translated strings are merged into the next Zentyal version.

Translation using .po files

Zentyal uses a tool called 'gettext' in order to provide translated messages. The actual translated strings are stored in .po files.

You can create and update these files using specific tools like PoEdit which speed up the translation process. Once you are done, you can upload these files to the translation platform or send them to Zentyal for them to be merged into the source code.

In order to work with these files, you need to get a copy of Zentyal source code for the version you wish to translate.

New Languages

If you wish to translate Zentyal into a new language, you need to send a request through the zentyal-i18n mailing list.

In order to avoid including languages which are hardly translated, it is required that translations for new languages are provided in .po format and at least about 50% complete. On the other hand, unmaintaned languages may be removed from future versions.


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