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Zentyal uses the Linux® kernel subsystem for the routing, configured using the tool iproute2 (1).

Configuring routing with Zentyal


The gateway is the host used to start the route for the connections associated with a destination that is not in the local network. This means, if the system does not have static routes defined or if none of these match with the desired transmission, the default gateway will receive the traffic.

To configure a gateway in Zentyal go to Network ‣ Gateways, which contains the following parameters.

Adding a Gateway

Enabled:Indicates whether this gateway is effectively working or if it is disabled.

Name:Name used to identify the Gateway.

IP Address:IP Address of the gateway. This address has to be directly accessible from the host Zentyal is installed on, this means, without other routers in the middle.

WeightThe heavier the weight, more traffic will be sent using this gateway if you have traffic balancing enabled. For example, if the first gateway has a weight of '7' and the second one has a weight of '3', 7 bandwidth units will go through the first one per each 3 bandwidth units that go through the second one, in other words, 70% of the traffic will use the first gateway and the remaining 30% will use the other one.

DefaultIf this option is enabled, this will be the default gateway.

If you have configured interfaces as DHCP or PPPoE (2) you can not add a gateway explicitly for these, because they are automatically managed. Nevertheless, you can still enable or disable them by editing the Weight or choosing whether one of them is the Default, but it is not possible to edit any other attributes.

List of gateways

Additionally Zentyal may need a proxy in order to access the Internet, for example, for software and antivirus updates, or for HTTP proxy re-direction.

In order to configure this external proxy, go to Network ‣ Gateways. Here you can specify the address for the Proxy server and also the Proxy port. A User and Password can be specified if the proxy requires them.

Static route table

If all the traffic directed to a network must go through a specific gateway, a static gateway is added.

For making a manual configuration of a static route, you have to use Network ‣ Static Routes.

Static route configuration

These routes can be overwritten if the DHCP protocol is in use.

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