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This chapter focuses on the functionality of Zentyal as a gateway. Offering more reliable and secure networks, bandwidth management and clear definition of connection and content policies.

One of the main chapters is dedicated to the firewall module, which allows you to define connection management rules for both the incoming and outgoing traffic. To simplify the firewall configuration, you will categorize the types of traffic depending on their origin and destination, and you will also use your defined objects and services.

You can define the traffic balancing of your gateways when accessing resources on the Internet, configuring the protocols associated with each gateway, wan-failover safety policies and bandwidth restrictions for some types of traffic, like P2P.

Using RADIUS, you can authenticate the users in your network, is specially useful if you want to avoid the security problems associated with symmetric password on wireless networks.

Another needed service in most of the deployments is the HTTP Proxy. This service allows you to speed up your Internet connection, storing a web cache and establishing advanced access policies.

The Captive Portal with bandwidth monitoring allows you to give access to a set of users, redirecting all the web traffic to your registration webpage. It sports real-time reports of connected users and their consumed traffic.

Thanks to the IDS module you can stablish heuristics to automatically detect a diverse group of security threats, in both internal and external networks. Using the IPS module you can program automatic reactions to these threats, stopping incoming attacks before any harm to your systems is done.

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