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Zentyal uses Jabber/XMPP as its IM protocol and jabberd2(3) XMPP server, integrating network users with Jabber accounts.

Configuring a Jabber/XMPP server with Zentyal

To configure the Jabber/XMPP server in Zentyal, first check the Module Status and that the Users and Computers module is enabled - Jabber depends on this. Then, mark the Jabber checkbox to enable the Jabber/XMPP Zentyal module.

To configure the service, go to Jabber in the left hand menu, and set the following parameters:

General Jabber Configuration

Jabber Domain:Used for specifying the domain name of the server. User accounts will be user@domain.

SSL Support:It specifies whether the communications (authentication and chat messages) with the server are encrypted or plain text. You can disable it, make it mandatory or leave it as optional. If you set it as optional, this setting will be selected from the Jabber client.

Connect to other servers:If you want to allow your users to contact other users on external servers, or the other way around, check this box. Otherwise, if you want a private server for your internal network, leave it unchecked.

Enable MUC (Multi User Chat):Enables conference rooms (chat with more than two users).

Enable STUN service:Service that implements a set of methods to stablish connections between clients that are located behind a NAT, for example video conferences using Jingle.

Enable SOCKS5 proxy service:Proxy service for TCP connection, can allow the clients behind a NAT to send files.

Enable VCard information:Manage the contact information, using the VCard format, this info could be also browsed and edited from the Groupware module (Zarafa).

Enable shared rosted:Autocratically add all the users of this server as contacts of your list.

To create a Jabber/XMPP user account, go to Users ‣ Add User if you want to create a new user account, or to Users ‣ Edit User if you just want to enable the Jabber account for an existing user.

Setting up a Jabber account

As you can see, a section called Jabber account will appear, where you can select whether the account is enabled or disabled. Moreover, you can specify whether the user will have administrator privileges. Administrator privileges allow you to see which users are connected to the server, send them messages, set the message displayed when connecting (MOTD, Message Of The Day) and send a notice to all connected users (broadcast).

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