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In this section you will see the different communication services integrated in Zentyal, which enable centralised management of an organisation's communications, and allow users to work with all them using the same password.

To start with, the e-mail service is described. It allows quick and easy integration with the user's e-mail clients, offering also spam and viruses prevention.

Since email became popular, it has suffered from unwanted mail, sent in bulk. This type of mail is often used to deceive the recipient in order to obtain money fraudulently, or simply unwanted advertising. You will also see how to filter incoming and outgoing e-mail within your network and to avoid both the reception of unwanted emails and block outgoing mail from any potentially compromised computer of your network.

The corporate instant messaging service, based on Jabber/XMPP, is also described. This module provides an internal IM service without having to rely on external companies or an Internet connection and ensures that conversations will be kept confidential, preventing data being passed through third parties. This service provides conference rooms. It allows, through the use of any of the many available clients, to have synchronous written communication in the organisation.

It is becoming increasingly important to use a system to help coordinate the daily work of employees within an organisation. For this, Zentyal integrates a groupware tool which allows users to share information such as calendars, tasks, addresses and so forth.

Finally, you will see an introduction to voice over IP (or VoIP), this service offers each user an extension to easily make calls or participate in conferences. Additionally, through an external provider, Zentyal can be configured to connect to the traditional telephone network and make phone calls to any country in the world at significantly reduced rates.

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