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Zentyal server is not just meant to configure network services, but it also offers a number of features to ease general server management and maintenance.

This section will explain the tools, mainly service logs, included in Zentyal server that help to find out what has happened in your network and when, receive notifications for certain events or incidents, or carry out server monitoring. The available remote support tools are also described.

Besides these maintenance tools integrated in Zentyal server, Zentyal Cloud offers a series of subscription services that help to automate the server management and maintenance tasks. These subscription services are available through Zentyal Cloud web interface and include:


Quality assured software updates

  • All upgrades, bugfixes and security updates that are taken to Zentyal's

Quality Assured Package Repository are extensively tested to make sure that by updating, the customers' will not introduce any regressions on their already working systems.


  • Alerts on hardware performance, network availability, HTTP proxy activity,

IDS activity, mail activity and backup status.


  • Reports on hardware performance, Internet usage, antivirus performance,

VPN usage, IDS performance, mail usage, file sharing activity, printers usage and backup activity.

Remote monitoring and management

  • Monitoring of hardware performance, network activity, Internet usage and

service status.

  • Management including remote access to servers, software management and

group tasks (including jobs).

Advanced security updates

  • Commercial Antispam, Antivirus, IDS, Content filtering and Ad-blocking

updates applied automatically to the system.

Disaster recovery

  • Remote system configuration and data backup and easy recovery of the

data lost in case of a disaster.

The free Basic Subscription explained in the chapter 1.5 Zentyal Cloud Client gives you a preview to Zentyal Cloud and free access to some basic cloud features.

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