Zentyal 6.0 Changelog

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  • Add bash completion for zs command
  • Simplify nginx.conf includes management
  • Fix undefined $actualValue warning in ViewCustomizer
  • Fix unitialized $filter warning in tableBody.mas
  • Set default size of EBox::Types::Int to 6
  • Use /etc/apt/auth.conf instead of embedding login info in sources.list
  • Avoid use of apt-key add installing zentyal-qa pubkey in /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d as gnupg is no longer installed as dependency
  • Login page form is now centered in a responsive way
  • Simplify interpreter code and avoid warnings with HTML::Mason templates
  • Allow new status field in daemon description to use a different daemon name to check running status
  • Syntax changes to be compliant with Perl 5.26
  • Automatic save changes in license activation after first login
  • Avoid errors when parsing JSON for dashboard widgets
  • Force restore of configuration backup from 3.X by using custom script
  • Adapt nginx conf to allow vncviewer for zentyal-virt
  • Add zentyal-virt icon
  • Add support for licenses with unlimited users


  • Remove deprecated AllowSupplementaryGroups conf option for clamav 0.100
  • On-Demand System Scanning configurable in /etc/zentyal/antivirius.conf
  • Set max file size for OnAccess scan to 250M
  • Display last database update events from freshclam.log


  • Use openssl1.0 for backwards compatibility
  • Fix Mason template paths


  • Fix Mason template paths


  • Fix warning in log when mail queue is empty
  • Adapt certs and daemon management to Ubuntu 18.04


  • Depend on gnupg as it is used by spamassassin postinst script


  • Disable systemd-resolved
  • Import network configuration from netplan if present
  • Fix Mason template paths
  • Avoid conflict with new netplan in Ubuntu 18.04
  • Disable TCP offloading


  • Log only warning instead of warning + error when ntpdate fails


  • Change default cipher to AES-256-CBC
  • Upgrade OpenVPN installer for Windows to 2.4.6
  • Replace deprecated tls-remote by verify-x509-name in openvpn.conf
  • New quagga/zebra daemon management for Ubuntu 18.04
  • Remove log warnings regarding dh and noauth-cache params in client conf
  • Fixed CSS styles for Client Configuration page


  • Adapt to freeradius 3.0 in Ubuntu 18.04
  • Integrate community patch by julio


  • Integration with RADIUS module
  • Integrate Samba 4.7
  • Fix group permissions when selecting "All domain users"
  • Remove unused 1024 port from service list
  • Add confkey to allow Administrator user in shares permissions for backwards compatibility with Zentyal 3.0


  • Remove deprecated --force-yes option
  • Fix Mason template paths
  • Do not show held packages in System Updates table


  • Rename SOGo.conf.mas to SOGo.conf-apache.mas


  • Remove adzapper integration as it is no longer maintained in 18.04
  • HTTPS block rules are evaluated first and packets are rejected
  • Group-based user authentication for commercial editions


  • Auto-resize View Console window to match VM resolution
  • Simplify VNC management and fix SSL problems
  • Fix virtual networks management
  • Add support for EFI or Hybrid ISO files
  • Adapt to Ubuntu 18.04
  • Add virtlogd as managed daemon to avoid some random VM start errors
  • Use HTTPS for VNC webserver
  • Adapted to new CSS styles and replaced some icons
  • Add view_console_new_window config key


  • Based on Ubuntu 18.04.1
  • Install Zentyal menu entries are now translated
  • Fix bug asking language again if already selected on installer menu
  • Faster installation equiring less user input during the first stage
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