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Change log from Zentyal 3.5 to Zentyal 4.0


  • Protect openchange certificate for manipulation which could rend it invalid
  • Optional CA fields now have default values to avoid OpenChange problems
  • Remove old request file before generating a new one
  • Better recovery of errors on index CGI
  • Download files as zip archive


  • Added EBox::Exception::Base::rethrowSilently
  • Added EBox::debugDump method
  • Added EBox::Exception::RESTRequest


  • Default webadmin port is now 8443
  • UI is now responsive to different resolutions
  • New System -> Date/Time menu which also includes NTP when available
  • New header style
  • Search box moved from menu to header
  • Menu reorganization and re-style
  • Added search for configuration data
  • Improved installation wizards
  • Remove haproxy which is no longer needed for Outlook Anywhere
  • sudoers-friendly take user to whatever module which implenents extraSudoerUsers
  • Implement data in use in JS for forms
  • Fixed ManageAdmins model and offer it in all editions
  • Pass row argument to editable function handler
  • Enable automatic updates on commercial servers by default
  • Remove excessive top margin for first child fields in forms
  • Better warning in change hostname confirmation dialog
  • Confirmation dialog action recovers correctly from errors
  • Make webadmin certificate modifiable via CA module
  • Better control of error in local backup confirmation dialog
  • Fixed i18n bug in progress dialog
  • Updated remoteservices dependencies
  • Rename Import/Export Configuration to Configuration Backup
  • Removed subscription from community editions
  • Remote services now resides on this package
  • Reload after save changes when urls have hash part
  • Use upload-crash-report.py tool from OpenChange upstream instead of a custom one
  • Optionally submit the email while uploading the crash report
  • More robust dashboard against widget and remoteservices errors
  • Added missing use in hasManyViewer.mas
  • Only allow restore from backups from versions with the same two first version numbers
  • Escape double quotes in non-editable text fields
  • When doing a login redirect to the full given URI
  • Fixed mysql commands executed with wrong parameters or credentials
  • Fix isEqualTo types comparision, check for defined return value from cmp
  • Added option to disable Peer Verification in EBox::RESTClient
  • pathHTTPSSSLCertificate() always returns a list
  • Added one more tip to component not found page
  • Removed duplicate code for page not found
  • Fix some warnings in log
  • Fix error in send crash report script
  • Remove all maintenance functionality except logs
  • Remove no longer needed apparmor custom profile for mysqld


  • Forbid the addition of a fixed addresses object which collides with a range
  • Restored thin client options for VLANs
  • Added ComponentNotExists error when losing parent row


  • Use refactored internalNetworks from network module
  • Do not fail to add a host if an IP address is already used by other hostname
  • Return the identifier in EBox::DNS::addDomain method
  • Add /etc/samba/* to allowed to read in apparmor profile
  • Workaround in pageTitle() method against losing of directory parameter/attribute


  • Include ntp as module to replicate
  • Increase the timeout time for HA location due to large replication setup
  • Wait 1 second less when setting up the cluster
  • Floating IP address can be in a virtual interface
  • Make use of VerifyPeer to false on EBox::RESTClient as we don't verify other HA hosts


  • Fixed shared roster
  • Hide users addon until schemas are loaded


  • New module


  • Load openchange plugin if openchange enabled
  • Added Zentyal.MailUserAddon.editFormWillRemoveAccount JS method
  • Prepopulate installation wizard by default with the Samba domain
  • Encrypt external accounts passwords stored in LDAP
  • Fixed periodical removal of Trash and Spam mails
  • Fixed bug in initialSetup which triggered migration on fresh install
  • Increased mail_max_userip_connections to 20 for IMAP protocol
  • Fixed values in fetchmail widget status
  • Fixed some labels which referenced deprecated user corner
  • Do not allow both keep and fetch all options in external accounts
  • Fixed group mail accounts and their aliases
  • Do not move mailbox to .bak if directory already exist
  • Migrate mboxes path to Maildir when upgrading from 3.4
  • Fixed bug when removing virtual domain
  • Adding a virtual domain now can update old unmanaged accounts
  • Fixed errors related with users which has account on a umanaged domain
  • Added migration code to handle new Dovecot certs
  • Fixed group mail alias creation
  • Fixed problems with checking mail address duplicates
  • Added fetchmail again
  • Fix _accountExists ldap search filter
  • Removed spurious warnings on mail services widget
  • Disabled deprecated autocreate dovecot plugin, using mailbox and namespaces instead
  • Workaround in members table against losing of directory parameter/attribute


  • WAN failover now uses cron instead of old events module
  • Check external IP against different providers to be more reliable
  • Refactor and include internalNetworks method used by dns and openchange modules
  • Fixed problem in gateway table when gateways go away when syncing rows
  • Added vlans key as exclude replication key
  • Add nameserverDelete and nameserverAdded callbacks to NetworkObserver
  • Drop Zentyal-provided Dynamic DNS
  • Added defensive code to DNSResolver to avoid ifaces down after crash


  • Moved configuration from NTP menu to System -> Date/Time
  • Fix sign NTP packets when samba is enabled


  • Make sure no repeated preconditons are shown
  • OpenChange users can have mail accounts on different virtual domains
  • Add conf file for openchange module, containing broker config for mapiproxy server
  • Use separate apache log files for ocsmanager
  • Recreate openchange certificate if it is not the correct one
  • Allow to customize CA attributes on initial configuration wizard
  • RPC proxy is available in web interface when you have only internal interfaces
  • Provision action triggers save changes action
  • Fixed deprovision
  • OpenChange account is enabled by default for all the new created users
  • Adapt to changes in Out Of Office implementation in OCSManager
  • Allow to access SOGo also with the /webmail URL
  • Apache handles now all the OC web services directly without haproxy/nginx
  • Remove dependency on deprecated webserver module
  • OpenChange -> Setup menu entry moved to Mail -> OpenChange
  • Remove currently unused migration code
  • Tune OCSManager configuration for autodiscover
  • Redirect all /ews/ requests to OCSManager
  • Use .crt when downloading the certificate for RPC/Proxy to ease Windows importing
  • Changes to out-of-office required by upstream openchange changes
  • Notify when OpenChange is using the domain certificate
  • Migrate RPC Proxy certificate to new use our zentyal-ca
  • Adapted configuration for making Autodiscover works with Outlook Anywhere
  • Adapted rcpproxy certificate generation to changes in webadmin certificates
  • Depends on latest zentyal-samba to make sure openchange.conf is correct
  • openchange.conf named properties config uses splitted params
  • Better certificate management for autodiscovery
  • Fixed issue with Sieve separator parameter at sogo configuration


  • Fix cups daemon remaining stopped after log rotation
  • Fix printers.conf file permissions (600 -> 644)
  • Fix missing argument exception adding user entries to printer ACL
  • cupsd.conf: Do not listen on unix socket to fix the broken pipe errors managing printers
  • Fixed wrong instantiation of groups


  • Re-enable user synchronization with Zentyal Cloud
  • Proper notifications when a share is sync'ed with Zentyal Cloud
  • Fix realUsers count to remove Administrator and Guest account from it
  • Write broker configuration for mapiproxy server in openchange.conf
  • Add daemon to check users and groups to have uidNumber and gidNumber
  • Add confirmation when removing mail account via the edit user form
  • Add hostname change confirmation dialog to wizard
  • Fixed EBox::LDAPBase::lastModificationTime
  • Join as additional domain controller on initial configuration wizard
  • Name in Module Status is now "Domain Controller and File Sharing"
  • Fix migration to preserve group type
  • Do not complain about lack of ACL support with XFS filesystem
  • Better error message when the root DSE is not found in external AD mode
  • Do not try to dump config backup if not provisioned
  • Check samAccountName is unique in entire domain adding users and groups
  • Ignore cloud-sync warnings from cron
  • Check DN not exists on the same container creating contacts
  • Add missing 'use EBox::LDAP::ExternalAD' to Samba.pm
  • Improve save changes speed avoiding loop in postServiceHook if no changes made to roaming profiles
  • Implement nameserverAdded and nameserverDelete from NetworkObserver to reset LDAP connection if name servers change in external AD mode
  • Add dpkg trigger to restart module when samba package is upgraded
  • Fix ad-migrate script mode check
  • Adapted to changes in group mail account
  • Show a warning on post save changes dialog if errors happend while setting shares ACLs
  • Do not check for acl and user_xattr filesystem options if filesystem is btrfs
  • Provision: Check domain netbios name is not equal to host netbios name
  • Resolve schema master dns name and try to connect to all returned IP addresses until success
  • Skip schema extensions if module disabled
  • Use bash as default shell
  • Added external AD field to LDAP information model
  • Allow unsafe chars on admin account to use for join a domain
  • Improve the LDIF files parsing created by output of ldbsearch command
  • Fixed problems with checking mail address duplicates
  • Fixed bug which could delete the group mail account after a group edit
  • openchange.conf named properties config uses splitted params
  • Added EBox::module::LDAP::_loadSchemasFiles
  • Added EBox::Samba::LdapObject::hasObjectClass
  • Hide the dns-hostname account after join a domain
  • Remove mail account management logic from edit user form. This field is now disabled when the mail module is installed, so account management like create, rename or delete it must be done in the mail module user addon
  • Instance groups using gid parameter is no longer allowed
  • Fix sssd bug not finding users and groups
  • Deprecate _schemasAdded redis key, checking if schema is extended in module _regenConfig
  • Fixed use of deprecated attributes uid and gid instantiating users and groups
  • Display correctly tree elements on external AD mode
  • Fixed user creation when remove user from a group in the EditGroup CGI
  • The groups and groupsNotIn methods have now the same behaviour for all EBox::Samba::OrganizationalPerson classes
  • When removing a share the 'has files' check is not longer dependent on ACLs
  • Restored external AD mode
  • Better errors in GPO models when losing parent row
  • Catch error trying to add an already added or delete an already deleted user to group
  • Avoid warning flag on smart match experimental feature


  • Re-introduce setAdministrationPort to integrate with webadmin module


  • New welcome page on first install
  • New package selection page
  • Update installation slides
  • Installation steps moved from left to top


  • Added dynamical group authorization
  • Do not lowercase user names if kerberos is used
  • Fix exception accesing the access rules model when samba not provisioned
  • Fixed populateGroups() in AccessRules when upgrading from 3.4
  • Fixed wrong old-style try-catch
  • Remove categorized domains temporary files

Removed packages

  • ebackup
  • ips
  • ipsec (partially replaced by l2tp)
  • monitor
  • nut
  • radius
  • captive portal
  • remoteservices
  • sogo (included in openchange)
  • webmail
  • webserver
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