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* [http://www.zentyal.org/server/#server-features Zentyal Feature List]
* [http://www.zentyal.org/server/#server-features Zentyal Feature List]
* [[Updating your Zentyal Server]]
* [[Updating your Zentyal Server]]
* If you want to collaborate with the development and to take a look at the future features, check out the Zentyal 4.0 [[Daily_Builds]].
== Zentyal Community ==
== Zentyal Community ==

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Zentyal Server is a Linux mail server that is natively compatible with Outlook for those seeking a Microsoft® Exchange alternative.

Zentyal Server is open source, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) and runs on top of Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

Zentyal Development Team offers Zentyal and all the technologies and services related to them, providing a comprehensive set of deployment, support and managed services for the Global Zentyal Partner Network.

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