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This section focuses on the services offered by Zentyal as an office server. In particular, its ability to manage network users in a centralized way, Files and Printers sharing, automatized sign-on on different services, integration with Windows AD either as an additional controller or as the operations master, web applications and backups for the user data.

Directory services allows you to manage the user-related information across your organization, centralizing and abstracting the authorization and permission handling for all the other services. Integration with Samba4 and Kerberos technologies turn Zentyal into a native drop-in replacement for Windows Server in the SMB, managing the Domain information, Organizational Units, GPOs and Sysvol information both in mixed environments (Zentyal and Windows servers) or just Standalone mode with Windows clients.

File sharing and access control policies for users and groups is one of the most important features of an office server and it greatly eases access to workgroup documents in an intuitive way. Security policy allows the protection of critical files within an organization.

Moreover, many businesses use Web applications installed on an HTTP server spanning different domain names and allowing HTTPS connections.

Sharing printers, using user and group permissions is also a very important service in any organization, since this allows you to optimize the resources usage and availability.

Finally, the backups tools for both Zentyal configuration and user's date is without any doubt a critical and indispensable tool in any enterprise server to ensure the recovery process after a failure or mishap of your systems, protecting you from data loss and downtime.

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